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Zandi Tales

Zandi Tales is a series of stories written about  my little “Boo Boo,” my little pit bull Zandi.  I was sitting in the kitchen one day and 15 books or tales just flowed through me.  I wrote them all down in about two hours.  I didn’t question where it came from because I know that the Creator is always sending creativity to all of us all the time.  I didn’t question whether or not I would create the book because I saw the fact that all of it came to me meant that I should manifest it.  I am just following instructions that were given to me from the Divine.


I searched for quite a long time for an illustrator that I could afford.  Everyone, rightfully so, wanted some kind of compensation.  I didn’t have a problem with that, but couldn’t afford to pay anyone right now.  Lo and behold, a friend that I have been talking to for the last three years in a foreign country offered to do the work for me – for free.


So of course we are partners now, 50/50.  I could not allow her to do all of that work and not receive anything.  Also, she is a trusted friend.  A very dear friend.  Someone that I have never met in person, but we have corresponded consistently over time and embraced each other.


The first book will be released in time for Christmas, with others to follow.  I am thrilled and I am appreciative of the Creator, not for just giving me the idea and the stories, but also giving me the way to get it done.


Long story short, ladies – if there is something that you have an idea about, something that you want to do, then do it.  I am always telling people to just keep stepping toward their dreams.  Keep stepping, little by little and allow the Universe to make the way for you.  And, if you don’t give up, it will make a way.


I don’t know what will happen with this little book or the series, but I recognize that my job is to manifest it and to do my best.  That’s what I am doing.  Please do what you need to do to manifest your own creative ideas and to pursue your dreams.


– Tomaca