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Yes – You Can – The Bangles

These ladies never gave up:


Rock historians view the Bangles as one of the greatest all-female bands, lauded for their inventive incorporation of ’60s folk rock, sunny SoCal harmonies and Beatles/Byrds/Beach Boys/Big Star godhead into a sound all its own. Theirs is truly a rags-to-riches story, from the band’s beginnings in L.A.’s Paisley Underground scene through their reign as chart-topping, record-breaking, smart-pop princesses of the ’80s, through their 1989 breakup, 1999 reunion, and current position as Living Legends – rocking, recording, and touring for a whole new generation of fans. As the band themselves put it: “If you can survive success, you can survive anything.


Submitted by Angine Carter, who is a practicing musician and artist who works for

We hope soon to post an interview with Angine to show her true “Yes I can” attitude!  She wants to wait until her first CD is finished.  Go Angine!  We’re with you!   – WMTS