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Every single one of us has a “wow” factor.  We don’t see it because it is part of who we are.  It is something that we live, not something that we do.
The wow factor could be the way you got through an obstacle, the way you changed something in your life, the way you affected someone else, how you handle or handled something, learned something – your creativity, your artistry – you!  It is a thing that you do or did that makes someone else say “wow.”  We all do this on some way or another.


We want you to write about those women out there who make you say “wow” about anything that they do.  We want women to talk to women.  We are ALL special and courageous in our own ways.  Everyone does something that is inspirational to someone else.  Often we do see the impact that we have on others, but it is definitely there.


We invite you to interview someone you admire or someone who got through obstacles in their life and made changes or someone who is just special to you.   Tell us why, tell us how, tell us what.


And don’t forget to give a shout-out to your Mom!  Those are always welcome.  Celebrate your Mother because she chose to give you life.  You are here because of her.  So show her some love and tell us about that love.


Attention Professional Bloggers:  if you are writing about a commercial product or for a business, there is a fee.



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