Women’s Minds, Bodies and Spirits

Another thing my mother did for self care was to dust the top of her dresser. This may not sound like self care but it was. The top of my mother’s dresser was a space filled with so much stuff including her comb and brush, gifts we had given her, bobby pins, photos and all kinds of things. I would sometimes sit on her bed and talk to her while she was doing this. I watched her as she picked up and dusted every item. It was different from the way she dusted the rest of the house. I would feel calm just by watching her. I remember sometimes we kids would be sitting downstairs and someone would ask, “Where’s Mom?” and another would say that she is dusting her dresser. We all knew that meant she’d be a while.


The other thing my mother did was to go shopping. I don’t mean spend money because we didn’t have much. She liked to roam through the stores downtown. “Just looking,” she would say. She knew the stores better than the people who worked in them.


So this mother of 10 found ways to take time for herself though it seemed impossible to do.


For our mind, body and spirit we have to take care of ourselves first or we cannot take care of anybody or anything else. Set aside a few minutes a day or a week – just for you. It is not a selfish act. We need and deserve it.


I remember a comic strip where a man gave his wife a lock for Mothers Day. The wife looked confused until she learned that it was for the bathroom door. The last frame showed the woman sitting on the floor with a big smile while her husband installed the lock.


Install a lock on a space of time and take care of you.



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