Edith – 8 going on 20

Do you remember what you were doing at the age of eight?  Was it something like playing with dolls, roller skating or watching tv?  Children in other countries or in other situations have a different kind of childhood.  Adrian is a member of the nonprofit, Roll Out The Barrel organization.  He tells us about a different kind of childhood for a lot of children – boys and girls.  
Many of us are in shopping mode with the Christmas holiday coming up.  Remember that you can give someone else a gift in honor of someone else.  So, if you a buying a gift for someone who already has everything, maybe you can donate to an organization and give that person a card indicating that a gift was made in their honor.  That’s the kind of gift I would love to have.  They’re the best kind!
Edith’s story submitted by Adrian from the UK
This is about she who will become a woman, a different woman because she will no longer have to carry the family’s water.
Edith………….8 going on 20……………

Recently Stewart and Diane Mackie, from Rothwell in the UK,  who are associated with the scouting movement asked if they could take a couple of Rotary barrels with their luggage on their 28th trip to Uganda and the Mackie School.


Stewart and Diane travelled up country about 30 miles.  They found a young girl, Edith, collecting the family’s water as she does every single day, three times a day.

They had arrived in time to see her doing what she always does…………she is 8

Straight away they gave her a barrel to fill at the pump which she then rolled home within 10 minutes instead of 45/50 carrying and dragging.

Stewart took it upon himself to inscribe the barrel with a club name.  Vectis Sunrise Rotary Club (in Africa!!!)
Her 3 younger brothers and sisters will never need to carry water as they grow.
Another barrel into this family will further improve health and well being and give all the children the opportunity to be educated properly.
With the next barrel we will be sending some flip flops or even shoes….!

Join Us.  One barrel makes a real difference and you CAN change lives, forever!







A young woman moving forward and inspiring others in her path.

Alyssa is prominently displayed her because of her commitment to excelling in the arts. For most “almost” 14-year-olds, the most important thing is a cell phone, friends, internet access and the mall. For a few, the interests are different. For Alyssa, it’s music, theatre, singing, and performing. She has been singing and writing songs since she was in the third grade. Alyssa plays flute, guitar and keyboards.


Alyssa in a production of “Hello Dolly”

A conversation with Alyssa:

About Nyiasha

nayiashaNyiasha has been dancing in her Irish dance troupe for 3 years at her school PS 59 in The Bronx in New York City. They have been performing throughout the country and in Ireland. They have performed for the President of Ireland and have appeared on Irish TV on the Late Late Show. They also have a Documentary done on them by an Irish independent film company Tyrone Productions that aired in Ireland and Europe last St. Patrick’s Day on RTE Television entitled “A Bronx Dream.” They are scheduled to perform in Chicago Nov. 18-20th this year highlighted by a performance at the annual American Ireland Fund Chicago dinner in the Four Seasons Hotel. Their troupe known as The Keltic Dreams has a website www.thekelticdreams.com.











nayish3Watch Nyiasha and the Keltic Dreams on The Late Late Show from Ireland. Keltic Dreams range in age from seven to twelve years. They have traveled from The Bronx in New York and are all of African American and Hispanic origin. Along with their teacher Caroline Duggan, Keltic Dreams performed the Riverdance number “Reel Around The Sun.” {scroll down to “Keltic Dreams.”}


Watch the Video posted on the NYTimes website: Keltic Dreams
A music teacher from Dublin transforms a Bronx elementary school by turning her students on to the joys of Irish dancing. Nyiasha is interviewed at the end.

Nicole – A Young Lady’s Aspirations in Art & Theatre

Sharing the story of an inspirational young lady – Nicole.  She says that babies and animals become calm around her – it’s got to be true because when you speak to Nicole, you can feel her vibrant spirit and her inspirational energy.   We wanted to share her aspirations and intend to follow her story as it unfolds.  She is a young lady who has overcome many obstacles and moves forward with joy and determination.  Nicole tells us what her plans are.  We plan to keep the updates coming.  We look forward to Nicole’s future stories!


1. Before you decided to pursue your goal in acting, what were you studying?

I was studying education.  I love to work with children and was thinking of pursuing teaching as a career choice, but I found that it just didn’t do it for me.   Knowing I wouldn’t want to do that with the rest of my life, I went back to my old roots and deep passion for acting and music. I feel as though I would actually love going to school if it centered around the arts. I was not at all moderated to attending classes because I couldn’t see the end results and rewards if I was doing something that I am constantly second guessing.


2.You said you have a bond with children and animals.  How did you come to that understanding and will that fit into your new studies and direction?
I have always loved children, babies and animals. When I was a little girl my mom used to buy me all kind of baby dolls and I would act as their mother. When I got a little older, people would tell me that I am a natural mother and kids had a way of clinging to me. Children talk to me and tell me things that just blow my mind because I wouldn’t expect them to open up so much to me. Babies fall asleep on me and stop crying whenever I hold them. With the animals, they will come up to me, want to play and are just relaxed. I always wanted a puppy –  haven’t gotten one yet but will soon hopefully.
I want to get into casting and management, working with children between the ages of infant-14 years old. I would  like to open a dog breeding center as well.
3. What aspects of theatre interest you most?
I really love that you have to step out of the comfort zone of being yourself to portray the character so that the audience can feel that it’s real, that you are the person on that script. Nicole does not exist when you are in the moment of acting. Its the passion and being able to say “wow I felt that, I feel like I’m there.”
4.You mentioned that you recently started singing, how does that factor into your plans?
Recently music has become part of my career goals. I am becoming more comfortable with singing and song writing
I feel inspired; I start to want to write a song at the most random times!   LOL!  It is definantly something I want to get more into. I just need to stop being shy.  :  )
5. Have you written any plays or productions?
No, but I have written short stories. Maybe in the future I will.
6. What are your favorite type of roles to play?  What kind of roles will you pursue?
I like romantic comedies, comedies and horror movies.  I would like to play those types of roles. Drama roles will be more of a challenge for me, but with a lot of practice to being serious I’m sure I can face it.
7. Nicole tell us where you will be or plan to be in five years?
In five years I expect to have my career off the ground and to be doing well, making a pretty good income. If my plans don’t change I will most likely still be living in Los Angeles. I see myself having had released at least one album and have written some hit songs for numbers for other artists.
8. Do you presently foresee any obstacles, and if so, do you have a plan to overcome them?
I foresee a great deal of obstacles and it will get hard. There will be blood, sweat and tears trying to get where I have to go, but there is no turning back now. I have to stay focused, committed, motivated, and consistent.  I am kind of a softy and need to get tougher skin for this business, so i plan to just keep taking it one step at a time and one day at a time.