Ditching iPhone and Running with Blackberry

Submitted by Muhammad Azam



Blackberry was been on top of the market when the iPhone was introduced in the market. The iPhone by Apple took over the place of Blackberry phones and its accessories like the Blackberry cases, and that is the time we last saw the innovation and the creative gadgets from this name. It has been 5 years and still there is no sign of an activity accept the launch ceremony from Blackberry Company RIM’s CEO. The CEO promised the world a better phone and a tablet from the company on regards to the competition by the iPad and the iPhone. Let us see what the company holds for its future and what is there for Apple’s iPhone.

I am going to compare the last versions of both the phones here; the Blackberry torch and the iPhone 4S, so when the Blackberry launches its total touch phone next year in comparison to the iPhone 5, we will have a potential market of buyers and interested candidates.

The iPhone 4S VS Blackberry Torch

Both the phones are slim and smart in the build and both are backed by an app store. For once you may find the completely sleek and slim look of an iPhone, and for some other time, you would prefer the signature look of that shiny keyboard of Blackberry Torch. The screen of the iPhone may have its advantages of access to icons easily but again the touch ball and pad of the Blackberry phone is a plus point as well.


The screen resolution of the iPhone is higher than that of Blackberry, with 3.5 inches for iPhone and 2.8 for the blackberry phones. However, this difference is normal for an average buyer as nowadays, buyers look for looks – not the tech review.


The blackberry has its own messenger and iPhone does not. Although there may be so many apps on the iTunes store for messenger software, however, this is true for Blackberry app world too. Therefore, there is no comparison when it comes to iPhone apps.

Memory details and camera features

Both the devices are good with memory details and the camera qualities. However, iPhone’s 8 MP camera with 1080p HD version is much better than the 5 Mega Pixel with 720p HD camera of Blackberry Torch. Blackberry works with expansible memory, however iPhone does not. On the other hand, iPhone has access to free cloud servicing which Blackberry only can think of.


So, have you decided which to buy?



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Muhammad Azam is a professional writer in the technical field and you will be glad you read his articles. He writes on how the technology in different consumer electronics takes twists and turns every other month and how much you can save the electronic devices through the use of cases/covers, like for example Blackberry cases. You can find his articles intriguing and interesting.


The Differentiation – iOS VS Android VS BB OS

Submitted by Muhammad Azam


All of you have a good idea that there are so many cell phone companies in the market and they are developing newer smartphones every other month with different operating systems (Os) and different features. All are competitive among each other and they all have unique features. However, with respect to the needs of users, the demands and wants, and with respect to the target market differentiation, the devices all have the best market deals and sales.

Operating systems in smartphones

The devices that are top on the market charts are from the iOS OS, the Android OS, the Blackberry OS and the Windows OS. All you need is to compare the OS and the features of the devices with respect to your own needs of using the smartphones and you will be able to buy one that suits you. If you buy an iPhone (iOS), it will function differently, and if you buy Android sets (Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony Ericsson), you will be satisfied in a different way. On the other hand, as you buy a Blackberry set, it is altogether a new and different experience. Let me give you the general specs of the features of all these, so you can understand what suits you better.

1)      The iOS by Apple is derived from the Mac OS and it works fine but has some issues or rather complex features. For example, if you want to close an app, you cannot find any way unless you tap the home button twice, open the bottom menu bar for apps and you will have to close all of them from there. This is time consuming. Apart from this, the camera quality with iOS is good, but you need to download apps for editing . The iOS devices have secure apps that may not get affected by malware and spyware that easily.

2)      The Android devices however, have good features that you can use. To close an app you do not need to tap the home button. The menu bar will show open apps and you can close them easily from there.  The camera functions with good already integrated editing apps so you can upload and edit pictures on social media apps. The OS is vulnerable to malware and spyware more.


Author’s Biography:

Muhammad Azam is a professional writer in the technical field and you will be glad you read his articles. He writes on how the technology in different consumer electronics takes twists and turns every other month and how much you can save the electronic devices through the use of cases/covers, like for example Blackberry cases. You can find his articles intriguing and interesting.

3)      The Blackberry 10 Os is just like the mixed features of both the above OS. However, it is yet easy to use, has many screen frames that you can use while you work individually at office and in personal life. It separates the notification area and the Os is not at all vulnerable to the outer threats like spyware, malware or viruses.

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Muhammad Azam wrote his first article when he was the age of 19. He realized he could go on with writing for technical stuff being his expertise later on. He is now a professional writer, writing about a hundred posts every week or so. His expertise resides in the category of gadgets and the news about the technological advancements. He recommends http://www.wrappz.com/ for his readers, for any kind of information on gadgets and their accessories like the iphone cases and covers.


Tearing Down the iPhone 3GS


Ladies, are you up on all of this new technology?   Is anyone confused about iphones, ipads, androids, etc. …?  (I know I am!  Azam has promised to write an article to show the difference between the different devices.)  But, if you are in-the-know and have an iPhone3 and don’t want to buy the latest greatest version, you can make changes to the phone itself.  This is something for those brave souls willing to use a screwdriver.  – Tomaca


Submitted by Muhammad Azam Gohar


The new iPhone is the talk in every company of people. With the new iPhone 5, no one is looking back at iPhone 4 and iPhone 3. In fact, the company has discontinued the production and the selling of the iPhone 3GS and 3G with all accessories such as the iPhone 3GS cases and 3G covers. The company knows that it is not compatible for downloading iOS 6 or the new features of Siri and Safari.

Another reason is that the iPhone 3GS made the market for Apple when it came to beat the market topper Blackberry. It threatened the iPhone 5 existence as well. Therefore, for all those who have had an iPhone 3G or 3GS, the company offered free iPhone 4 with 8GB memory space. However, still all those who love their iPhone 3 and want to keep it, can take help from this post if they have any problem in the functionality as I am going to tear down the iPhone 3G. You can learn how to do it safely and remove the issue coming in the technical specs or the performance.

The iPhone 3 Tear Down

1)      The first step is to have the right kind of tools for tearing the phone down. You have to get the Phillips #00 screwdriver.

2)      There are two screws at the bottom of the phone and you can unscrew them very easily with the screwdriver I suggested.

3)      Get a suction pump so that you can easily pull apart the body into two halves joined in by 7 numbered connectors. The 7th one is in the lower corner on the right above the dock port. You can use it to open up and tear up the phone to two pieces literally.

4)      Three cables hold the LCD at the back. The digitizer is also connected to the motherboard with the same three wires. The 1st wire is attached to the LCD panel. The second is attached to the digitizer and the third to the speaker for the ears.

5)      Now you can see the two halves separate from each other. The motherboard chips are hidden under the EMI shields, as you may be able to see. They will be removed as well so that you will be able to check for the actual technical details underneath.

6)      The LCD can be replaced this way easily if it is broken or is damaged. There will be 6 screws on the right side of the LCD. When you turn them lose, the LCD will come off.

7)      Now if you want to replace the digitizer, it will require a little more work as well.

8)      There are nine screws against the camera. You can remove them easily so that you will be able to get a hold of the camera. After that the digitizer can be screwed lose.

For more details, you can just run a search for the tear down on ‘ifixit’ website as well. You will get a good front on the tear down information on the phone.



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