Classic or Cliché? How to Balance a Simple Decor Look

Classic or Cliche How to Balance a Simple Decor Look 3

There are a lot of good reasons to incorporate a minimalist or traditional look into your home decor. First, simplicity is timeless. If you invest in a few basic pieces, you won’t feel you have to redo your room in a few years because it has become dated. Second, basic furniture can be mixed in with just about anything which means if you get a new roommate, get married, or inherit some furniture pieces from a relative, your newClassic or Cliche How to Balance a Simple Decor Look 2 pieces can be easily merged with your existing sets. Finally, a simple decor can be much easier to clean (fewer knick-knacks to collect dust). That said, many worry that a basic or traditional look will leave their home lacking personality. Here are a few ideas to embrace the simple life without becoming boring, or feeling like you live in the showroom of a furniture store.

Incorporate Rich Colors
While you might want your main furniture pieces to be in neutral colors (beige, brown, gray, etc.), try to incorporate some color into your palette. This can be done through upholstery, such as a chair in a deep red, but there are also options that require less of a monetary commitment. Consider a small throw in a rich plum, for example. Even if the rest of your living room is white and gray, a jewel tone can really add some pop. Invest in a unique piece by scouring affordable furniture stores like The Dump where you can find a good deal on an individualized chair or cabinet.

Add Photography
Nothing adds a personal touch more than family photos. If you have a classic or old-school sense of style, consider some vintage family photos (think your grandparents’ wedding portrait). If your taste is more modern, hang some black and white photographs of places you have visited – or would like to. Choose a simple white matte and black frame to keep the look simple and streamlined, while still adding your own personality into the frame.

Give Life
What can liven up a room more than a living thing? Adding a plant not only helps purify the air in your space, it can also add some personality while still keeping the area tasteful. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always pick up some fresh cut flowers from the flower beds outside and put them in vases. It will be an inexpensive way to add detail to your home with minimal commitment.

By adding a few well-chosen colors, photos, and plants, you can still keep your furniture traditional and your overall look chic. Your space will look polished, yet streamlined, and still reflect your personality. It’s the perfect way to keep a classic look that won’t be outdated in a few years time.


Super Frugal Ways to Save on Your Interior Decorating

Super Frugal Ways to Save on Your Interior Decorating 1

Whether it’s your first apartment, or it’s time to overhaul the house you’ve owned for 20 years, interior decorating can get pricey. Designers can charge hundreds of dollars, and finished artwork can be higher priced than your budget can bear. If you want to redecorate on a shoestring budget you can do much of the work yourself and save yourself tons of money. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity and get designing on your own terms and budget.

Browse Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores

Everything from furniture to artwork can be found at second-hand stores. Look at the home section and work from there. Don’t forget to check out the bedding and the ladies’ dresses areas for fabrics that can be repurposed. For example, you can cut up a frumpy dress made of gorgeous material to cover throw pillows. A fine lace table cloth can be used to make window sheers, or a decorative throw over your head board. Second-hand shops can also supply you with ready-made art you may not be able to find elsewhere, ranging from hand-carved wooden items, to canvasses by obscure or unknown artists. It’s a great place to pick up unique pieces no one else will have, and build the rest of your design around them.

Check the Remnant and Outlet Store for Flooring

Cute little throw rugs or whole-room area rugs can be incredibly expensive. However, carpet remnants often have the edges bound and are sold as rugs of all sizes. Area rugs with even tiny flaws also end up for sale at outlets. After all, if the flaw in the weaving will be under your sofa, will it really bother you? Others may appear perfect and you won’t be able to detect the flaw at all.

Channel Your Own Craftiness
Pinterest and other Internet resources are full of step-by-step instructions on how to make your own decorative art projects. A trip to the craft store will save you a ton of money, and you can use your preferred colors and materials to make it truly unique. Whether you need wall art for the spare bedroom, or a quirky shelving idea for the bathroom, DIY options are fun and easy on your budget.

Make Your Own Window Treatments
You can easily make curtains and Roman shades, and even more ambitious projects like swags and valances are easy to drape yourself. Create the perfect curtain match to new Sunburst shutters from Las Vegas and browse ideas online and use items from the craft store to make your own decor. You can even create your own hardware for less than you’d pay for curtain rods. Use your imagination and look for online tutorials to guide you in the process.

Shop the Local Art Fair

Many cities and towns hold a fair or showcase to allow local artists to gain visibility and sell their wares. Sculpture, pottery, needlework, carvings, and paintings are usually available in a wide range of artistic styles and can help add visual interest to your space. If you decide to haggle with an artist, don’t forget that some supplies can be very expensive and that time and skill is worth money, too. Plus the expense may be worth supporting your local school, alum, or state programs.

Check out Garage and Estate Sales

These types of sales can be a great place to find art and furnishings, in addition to a host of other useful household items. Often, the items for sale are priced to sell, and can be had for pennies on the dollar. Check your local paper or Craigslist to find sales in your area. You never know what you might find at a private sale, so make sure to bring plenty of cash with you.

Redecorating on a budget can be a challenge, especially if you’re not particularly crafty or artistic. By searching in places you may not otherwise look, you can find tons of items at a fraction of their retail cost.


Air Conditioning Pros and Cons

“Baby it’s hot outside…” as the song says.  What should you do?  A/C is certainly a benefit and adds to your comfort level, but it’s expensive to run.  Let’s examine some pros and cons:



Most air conditioners reduce the humidity level, which makes your environment more comfortable and reduces mold growth.
Extreme heat has a clear negative impact on the intellect and on physical activity.
It can result in increased physical and intellectual activity.
A lower temperature reduces the presence of insects and parasites.
Lower temperatures mean less sweating, reducing the risk of dehydration.
A clean air conditioning system helps exclude external allergens such as pollens.
If the air conditioning installation is good, and if it is well maintained, it renews and improves air quality.
Air-conditioning can be a life saver, especially for the elderly and the very young who can be physically affected by extreme heat.



It increases your utility costs.  Let’s face it, it’s expensive.
Sitting around in air conditioned spaces can discourage outdoor activity and thus will lessen contact with nature.
It also lessons your interactions with your neighbors because peairconditioningople are reluctant to go outside.
Sudden changes in temperature and humidity affect the respiratory system in extreme cases.
It has a drying effect on skin and mucous membranes.
It adds to ambient noise, contributing to noise pollution.
The air circulation can transmit infectious respiratory diseases.
Airborne dust and fungi can cause allergic reactions.
Air conditioning is associated with chronic rhinitis and pharyngitis, throat irritation and hoarseness.
Air conditioning can exacerbate eye conditions such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis, as well as causing problems for contact lens wearers.
Eeffects the environment by releasing the CFC’s


Keep in mind that …

Air conditioned spaces should be regularly ventilated.
Professional installation and maintenance is essential for both centralized systems hvac in durham nc at comfort services 1.
Keep room temperature between 21º and 25º C.
Try to maintain an average humidity of between 60% and 70%.


You may want to keep a light sweater or jacket in the office for those days when the air conditioning is set too high for your comfort level.