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Woman On The Way – Traveling Tips by Nicole


The independent woman usually enjoys her single travels and vacations.  Sometimes you need to get away from work or exhaustion and being overloaded at a stressful working environment. There is no doubt that such a woman would prefer to get her needed dose of relaxation and peaceful rest in a quiet, but luxurious, convenient place. Such a lady will take advantage of spending time on her own in the best way and restoring her energy.  She will return to the office recreated and refreshed, with a shining smile again.

There are plenty of tourist offers for such a modern lady, but there are also several travel tips she must consider after making the plan to go on the way by her own. If you are such an independent female, take note of the following travel tips.

A woman on the way, who is traveling alone, especially in foreign countries, should first make a good, solid plan for her trip and holiday. Good organization is always the key to the perfect relaxation and nice memories. Bad memories and troubles can be caused by two main things: first, you may be overtaken by unpredictable circumstances, second, the inappropriate behavior and the insufficient, awkward responses to a foreign culture or the attendants may lead to troubles and bad consequences. As a personal traveling adviser and as someone truly concerned about women’s safety we strongly recommend you to spend your vacation by a strict plan you make in advance.

Choose the best airplane lines and find something affordable, but secure among all of the vacation rentals you were recommended. Find a nice suitcase with wheels, so you can carry your baggage seamlessly. Also, when traveling on your own, it could be a good idea to take some reading with you in order to avoid other people’s attention and perhaps giving the perception of loneliness and lack of orientation. Such a perception can make you a target for in the eyes of those with ill will, like thieves and robbers. They look for travelers’ vulnerability.  Make sure you are conscious and aware at all times and keep your luggage secure.

In terms of lodging, whether it’s a hotel or a vacation home rental, we strongly recommend you find something with 24-hour security.  As soon as you get in the hotel or guesthouse, meet the staff. It could be useful for you to know the surrounding people in case you have a problem or questions, especially about the tourist destination you have chosen. The area and the resort you have selected should be studied in advance.


Educate yourself about the cultural and the religious status of the country where you are going to stay. Some nations do not appreciate the look of a woman that is walking alone on the streets, especially in tight and short clothes. Learn what behaviors and actions are inappropriate and unacceptable.  And, always carry yourself in a professional, ladylike manner.

For the alone woman on the way, we also recommend that you pack your baggage really carefully and reasonably. Make sure you have taken everything necessary. Naturally, there are stores and malls anywhere in the world, but going alone shopping may not sound to as a good idea during your relaxing vacation on a seaside resort, for instance.

Last, but not least, learn about the documents and papers you would need carefully to avoid unexpected surprises at the border documents check.


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