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Why You Should Have Your Own Website


The internet is the final frontier.  It is a way of reaching billions of people all around the world.  You should have your own website.


Why?  It is a way of expressing who you are to the world.  Sharing yourself and others with others is a wonderful thing.  A website is also a way to generate revenue if you want to use it that way.  But, beyond that, it is the expression and the creativity of you.   You can share ideas, pictures, art, the written word, music, graphics, stories, inspiration, history and facts — the ideas are endless.


Don’t know how to build one?  No problem.  At you can use the “Website Tonight” feature and put up your website in a matter of a few hours.  The tools there make it easy.  You can also install other very easy to use programs such as Word Press.


If you already have a free site somewhere, buy your own personalized domain name and forward it to that site.  Why be MyWebsite/HostingCompany/this is really  Keep it simple.  Buy your own domain name and let that site be

A lot of people have facebook pages, myspace pages, google profiles, linked in profiles, etc., why not

Why not have an email address that is  you

Why advertise yahoo, gmail, hotmail and all the other providers who tack advertisements at the end of your messages?  GET YOUR OWN.

There are three components to buying a website:

–  Domain Name (which is like the street sign)

–  Hosting (which is like the land)

–  The Website itself (which is the house that you put on the land).


Get Your has 24 hour support and the friendly people there make what you want to do very easy.


So, empower yourself and enter the world wide web as you, your business, your art, your craft – yourself.

GOT ONE?  GET ONE.  Http://

Questions?  Contact us at