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Why Not Start Podcasting?

Most people are familiar with podcasting.  Thanks to today’s technology, podcasting is extremely easy.  If you’ve got an iphone or other phone that allows you to record your voice, you can start talking away and record your conversation.  A few simple taps on your phone and it’s been uploaded to the podcasting station of your choice!oidcast

People who prefer to write, can become engrossed in writing things out to put on their blogs.  And they could spend a couple of hours writing out their thoughts.  Podcasters, who should probably start off with a written rough draft or notes about their subject, can get this kind of work done in no time.  It’s all about your preference and which one you are more talented with, writing or talking.   Some people are gifted with gab and can talk out a podcast in no time.  Add to that if you are knowledgeable about what you’re talking about, you can get it done in no time.
And who’s your audience?  Nowadays – anybody with a cell phone or computer.  Many people like to listen to audio books while they’re driving, so if you’ve got some interested podcasts lined up, they’ll tune in.

Places you can add your podcasts to include:








And there are so very many others.


Make sure that wherever you are recording that it’s very, very quiet.  You don’t want a lot of distracting noise in the background.  If you really want to be serious about podcasting, you might want to look into getting a voice over booth. It will guarantee you peace and quiet while recording.  Other than that, do your podcasting after the kids have gone to bed and the dog is sleeping…you get the idea.


Choose your topic(s) and get started.