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White Wedding? How to Add More Color to a Traditional Tux Look

White Wedding How to Add More Color to a Traditional Tux Look 3

Any season can be wedding season. Most of the time the bride’s dress gets all the attention, but the groom’s tuxedo is the garment that pulls the whole wedding party look together. Even if you both chose white as the base wedding party color, you can still achieve a vibrant look that has style!

Say Yes to the Vest
Adding a vest to your tuxedo is a no-brainer. Adding a vest with some flair takes you to another level. Play off the wedding party’s colors by having the vest a softer hue of the accent color, or take it bold and make the tie the same color too. Using a pocket square in the corresponding color as opposed to flowers brings the look to a sophisticated finish.
White Wedding How to Add More Color to a Traditional Tux Look 1
Let It Sizzle
Maybe white is the only color pallet for the Big Day. That doesn’t mean you can’t play it up. Push the envelope with metallic accents. Opt for a silver hued vest, or even gold! Introducing metallic accents makes your tuxedo modern, and keeps the taste level high. Still a little nervous? Select a jacket with a simple metallic accent along the lapel. Against the solid white of the rest of the suit, this touch plays with the eye and does not overwhelm.

Pure as the Driven Snow
Go all in and stay white from head to toe! Staying crisp and clean means the cut of your suit and the fit of your pants needs to be precise. There is no room for error in a suit that magnifies any misstep. Make sure your look stays smooth by wearing some of the best men’s undershirts like ones from UnderFit. Your underwear should move with your body and stay tucked in all day. If you are going to commit to white, make sure it counts.

Bond, James Bond
You can never go wrong with a classic. White jacket and shirt, black tie and pants; these are the components of a tried and true classic. Carry this look with confidence as you dance into the evening with the one you love!

Going white is a bold statement on your wedding day. Allow your personality to shine through with a splash of color, the right cut, and a perfect fit. Keeping the pallet pure while keeping your style intact is easy when working with white. Enjoy the challenge and step into your married life in white!