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What’s the Buzz with Jaki’s Buzz?


Just what is Jaki’s Buzz?

An entertainment talk show covering all things entertaining in Connecticut.


Why did you start it?

I did not realize there was so much talent in Connecticut until I moved here and I wanted to give them a voice.


You were acting out in LA. Why did you leave and what brought you to Connecticut, of all places?

Family Reasons brought me to the area – that and missing the east coast seasons and feel, wanting that for my kids, etc.

Now you’re a mom with two little ones. Is your theatre and acting career on hold now or are you still working?

It’s altered, but not on hold.  It’s important to me to set an example for my children, especially my daughter!
How do you find time to maintain Jaki’s Buzz?

It can be very challenging, in fact – juggling at times, but I have exceptional help such as Lisa Durkee my producer/prods manager who’s a mom herself. We work great together and I am blessed to have her.
Is it easy to balance kids and a career?

NEVER!!! LOL! It’s always a challenge and it keeps me busy.  But, love what I do, both parenting, acting and Jaki’s Buzz – so I’m lucky.
Jaki’s Buzz currently features artists and small businesses. Are there plans to expand the types of people that you talk to, or will you stay focused on those two areas?

Our primary focus is entertainment and that encompasses a lot more people than you realize.  We feature all kinds of talented individuals and amazing businesses that some how all tie into our theme – All Things Entertaining in Connecticut.


What kind of feedback do people get after they’re on Jaki’s Buzz?  Does this help them with their marketing efforts?

Yes, they obtain access to markets they hadn’t had previously and gain important visibility as well as really enjoy themselves on the buzz!!


Is Jaki’s Buzz a business and a profit adventure, or is it profit not a concern? And, how does it make money if it does?

Jaki’s Buzz is primarily a publicity venue, non-profit, but we have our expenses as well.  We are always seeking sponsors who love arts and entertainment and feel strongly like we do that the arts make a big impact in kids and people’s lives.
Let’s fast forward 5, even 10 years — where’s Jaki and what’s up with her buzz?

Our goal is to be a weekly show, accessible through multiple venues, i.e. TV and internet, as well as through written media, bringing a positive  buzz to the community.  In fact we are now a monthly contributor to Elm City Beat and featured now in the arts paper.


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