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What Are You Doing to Maintain Good Health?


Who do you see?  Do you see a natural physician or a traditional western medicine physician?

FD3_300x250My own personal preference is to see a natural physician.  If find that they are better equipped at treating the whole body, versus focusing on one particular part that seems to be acting up.  For instance, I went to the doctor to find out about bladder issues that I was having.  They gave me antibiotics for the condition and it went away, but then it kept coming back.  Finally, I went to a natural doctor who checked my whole body.  The discovery was that there were issues with my uterus (that had no obvious symptoms) and that put pressure on my bladder.  So, once the uterine issues were resolved, my bladder issues were also resolved.

The body is a whole entity and everything is connected.  When parts are treated in isolation, there is no guarantee that the real cause of the problem will be remedied.

The body is also a chemical creating factory.  It is self healing if you feed it the proper foods and nutrition.  Staying way from sodas, colas, fast foods, meats laced with antibiotics and growth hormones, vegetables grown in pesticides, genetically modified foods and diary and meat products generated by stressed out animals, is the best way to go.

Another rule of thumb is to stay away from anything WHITE – white sugar, white flour, white potatoes and white rice.  A regular and daily intake of these types of foods will only stimulate and escalate our insatiable need for junk food, sweets, starches and commercially prepared snacks.

Sugar and flour in their natural state are brown.  They created a bleaching process to turn these things white and in the process destroyed the nutrition in them.

Do some research as to what foods are healthy and nutritious for our bodies versus those that are not.  Study, learn and grow.

Being more natural is not a complicated process, though changing habits can be difficult.  But if you do, you will gain better health, more energy and vibrancy.  We want longer lives and we want lives that do not end up with degeneration, illness and disease.  Start today with your new life plans for you diet and behavior.   You might want to sign up for the doctor’s health e-bulletin.  Let us know how it works out for you!



Are you comfortable with the results that you get from your regular doctor?  Are you interested in homeopathic medicine?  You decide.