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Welcome to the Sky Box

Hello to all of my Sisters.

Welcome to my – – okay, not a sky box, but my little window on the world.

Women Move the Soul is about women inspiring women.  We are wonderful BEings of love and compassion by nature.   We have got to support each other, embrace each other and help each other.  Who can relate to women’s issues, needs, concerns and prayers better than another woman?

We need to create, establish and maintain strong support systems.  Our networks are constructed with laces of steel.  We’ve got each other’s backs through thick and thin.

I prefer to focus on the positive.  That’s how I choose to see people and look at people.  I hope not to ever judge anyone but to instead see inside to their soul and see the light that is within them and within each and every one of us.  This is a lesson that learned from my mother’s life.  Bless her.  It’s 2011 and she recently turned 89 years old.

As an adult, I sit and look at the life of this wonderful Angel, this human BEing who gave me life – I see HER.  I see the trail that she has forged and the breadcrumbs that she left behind on the trail and am grateful not just for the life that she has given me, but for having such a wonderful example of a woman and a human BEing.  And as I live my life and come to certain crossroads, I ask myself, “What would Mom do?”

So, from my window of the world, I don’t look to judge anyone, but seek to embrace everyone and hope to inspire others to do the same.   Each of us is a BEing who has come through a variety of different experiences that created who we are.  And we are capable of change and growth.  All we have to do is seek it.

– Tomaca