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Welcome Olivia!

Olivia Grace Ward comes to us to teach about abuse, how to recognize its various forms and how to make changes.


The very first article she wrote  about the subtle signs of abuse hit home with me.  Not that I am being abused, but there are a few things that need to be adjusted in my own live-in relationship.   And there is darkness in past as there is in the lives of many of us.  Being raped is not a single isolated situation.  Our daughters and even sons being abused is not as uncommon as it needs to be.  These things should not be.

In the history of many indigenous cultures, any man who abused a woman was dealt with by the entire tribe, or community.  Anyone who abused a child was also dealt with in the same manner.  There were certain behaviors that were just not tolerated or allowed in any way, shape or form.  This is how life should be.  Every man should be up in arms about any woman or child being abused anywhere.  It is their natural, instinctive function to protect the weak – meaning women and children.   Just as it is a natural instinct for women to protect children.  But, alas, many of us we live in a culture where things are allowed to just be and we have to deal with a judicial system that is slow and does not always do justice.   People must protect people.


And for the abused woman, she has to learn what her part is in an abusive situation.  There are things that we tolerate and accept because of what we have learned and who we have become.  The bottom line is, if it doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t.  We have to make changes and learn what is right and acceptable and what is not.

Here is some suggested reading.  Some really good stuff that will help you get more of an insight into yourself, what your expectations are in a relationship, how you developed them and a way to change these patterns and behaviors.



I applaud Olivia for the stand she took, for the scrutiny she exposed herself to and for what she endured and overcame.  We are happy to have her join us at Women Move the Soul.   So, read on ladies.  Subscribe so you don’t miss anything.


– Tomaca