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We Want to Talk to You!

Hello Ladies.  We want to continue sharing stories of women from all over the world.  We’ve spoken to women in Africa, Russia and in several states in the U.S.



Everyone has a unique story.  Everyone experiences obstacles and finds ways to overcome them.   We are parents, sometimes single parents; we work jobs that we don’t like; we work jobs that we do like.  We have found ways to create revenue for ourselves and our families by not giving up.   We were diagnosed with an illness and that illness is no more.  We worked hard to lose weight and emerged lighter and happier.  You get the point.  We have done so many things, experienced many things, overcome many things.  Please contact us so we can share your story.


Perhaps we may think that our “little” experience or our “little” story is nothing.  It’s not inspirational.  You would be surprised how  someone else may view or be inspired by what you’ve done or what you’ve gone through.   It’s not bragging, it is sharing to help someone else.  If you did it, then you let someone else know that they can do it too.


So share the inspiration and contact us today!