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Want Glamour & Dazzle?

Do you want a women’s site with glamour and dazzle?  Well, don’t look here.  Women Move the Soul is about Women Inspiring Women on the real level.  We’re not into razzle and dazzle.  We don’t do glamour.


The women that you see in magazines and in commercials are not the everyday woman.  Their weight is not realistic or even ideal.  And even after they spend hours getting their make-up done and their hair done, their photos are still air-brushed and fake.


We deal with real women and real women’s issues.  We refuse to pattern ourselves after other women’s magazines who project the so-called “perfect image” which is in reality more like a stick figure woman.


So, as the new year rolls in, we are going to stay who we are – real women inspiring real women — really!


– Tomaca