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Top Moving Tips


If you’re moving from one house to another, whether it is across town or across the world you’ll need to prepare yourself ahead of time if you don’t want to suffer setbacks and problems. Careful preparation is key for a great move and here we’ll give you some useful tips:


  1. Make a calendar

This is the perfect tool to get things organized ahead of time. You’ll be able to plan things ahead with anything from canceling subscriptions to putting away food. Make sure you add to it or you cross out tasks you have completed.


  1. Familiarize yourself with your new home

You can do this either by checking local websites or by researching possible new doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other important contacts and resources.


  1. Follow a timeline

There are some things you’ll need to do before the move such as letting others know of your change of address. You can do this by obtaining a change of address form from any post office in the US and by filling out similar documents abroad. Close all unnecessary bank accounts, cancel or move subscriptions and do the same with pharmacy prescriptions.


  1. Work out a feasible budget

Moving can be expensive depending on a number of factors such as distance traveled, weight and so on. Make sure you know exactly how much you’ll be spending on this by obtaining free quotes from companies. You might need all manner of things ranging from storage to temporary housing and other services. Keep track and don’t stray from your predetermined budget by far.


  1. Don’t take what you don’t need

Lets assume you have an old couch you’ve loathed to look at for a long time? Simply don’t move the thing and either leave it for a charity or sell it on classifieds websites. Lugging that with you will not only set you back financially, but it will slow the entire moving process down. Get rid of unwanted items and downsize your home before the move.


  1. Obtain packing supplies

You can find boxes easily enough either by asking for some at a retail store or buying some at an office supply store. You can also obtain a good amount by visiting classifieds websites – they sometimes offer cheap alternatives to buying boxes off companies. On the other hand if using second hand boxes seems like the wrong choice to you you can always buy some online – there are whole companies dealing with nothing but packing supplies.


  1. Hiring Movers

There are a few things you have to keep in mind when you’re hiring movers – make sure you obtain multiple quotes from companies so you can get a competitive price. Other things you might need to know and consider are insurance and small details like whether the company moves certain types of  items. Personal belongings of sentimental value, plants, chemicals and so on are all things most companies simply don’t move.


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