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Top 3 Gifts for the Woman Who Has Never Left Your Side


Submitted by Katie Garbett


Every son should give their mother or mother-in-law a special gift that will let her know just how much she is appreciated. If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what to give Mom, consider giving her an excursion. By choosing an excursion from the following top 3 list you will give a great gift to the one woman that has never left your side: your mother or mother-in-law.


Friends And Family Excursion

Many mothers have a special relative or friend that they would just love to visit, but do not want to spend the money to travel to do so. Giving your mother the gift of an excursion to see that loved one they are missing will be very special to them and something she may have thought that she would ever get the chance to do. They will be able to make many memories on this trip and will have you to thank for it. Remember to check ahead of time with the family or friend that you are wanting Mom to visit to determine what dates will be good. A friends and family gift will prove to be an excursion that any mother or mother-in-law will be thankful to receive.


Pampering Excursionspa


Moms do a lot for everyone, but not themselves. Many don’t ever take the time to stop and relax and let someone else pamper them. A pampering excursion, such as a trip to a spa, will allow them to recharge their batteries and it will show just how much you appreciate them. There are many different types of pampering excursions to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you choose a short excursion such as a day trip or one that involves an overnight stay. The most important part is that Mom is pampered in a way that she will enjoy.


Adventure Trip


Any mother needs a little bit of adventure in her life. An excursion to SONY DSCa new and exciting place will make the perfect gift. When you are trying to figure out which excursion to choose from, think of a place that your mother or mother-in-law might have mentioned in the past that she’d like to go to. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, try to find a place that is close by, but would still be considered adventurous. Skydiving, rock climbing or parasailing can be great choices that are nearby dependent on where Mom lives. Just make sure that your mother or mother-in-law is healthy enough to participate in whatever type of adventure excursion you choose.


In conclusion, the next time you want to give your mother or mother-in-law a gift, consider giving her one of the above excursions. These types of gifts will be appreciated and are a lot more creative than giving a traditional gift. Your gift will not only be fun, but will create many memories that Mom will cherish over her lifetime.


Written by Katie Garbett, a freelance writer and lifestyle explorer. She enjoys sharing her experiences and insights on various lifestyle blogs. Visit for more gift ideas for that special someone in your life.