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Tips to Buying Anarkali Salwar Suit Online: Be A Fashion Pro


Anarkali Salwar Kameez is the current fashion trend. Not only in India – Anarkali cut Salwar and Kameezhas has become quite popular globally because of its adaptability of look and lifestyle. These drapy-shaped Salwar suits go well for ladies of all ages and add a special dignity of style. Perfectly suitable for casual kitty party with friends as well as for gorgeous social functions like wedding attire, Anarkali Salwar suits are available in different colors, fabrics, and different shades of embroidery.




Tips for electing right shape of Anarkali Salwar Kameez: Let’s Look awesome

Anarkali Salwar suits are available in shopping portals in different shapes and patterns. For the regular shopping store you can have the trial before purchase, but for purchasing a cute Anarkali salwar suit from online you need to know some basis tips to find the best suit for you as per your body shape and height.

  • shopvopAnarkali suits are designed to be perfectly suitable for highlighting women’s feminine grace.
  • We designed loose attire for women who are plus sized also. They fit nicely and accentuate feminine curves.
  • Shorter women look better with softer colors. Light colors match the stance better and give an illusion of height. You should choose your Kameez size a little longer than usual.
  • Plus sized ladies should avoid Salwar suits made of organza or stiff cottony materials; instead, wearing Anarkali suits made of thinner striped fabric helps in creating a slimmer look.
  • If you want to cover heavy arms, go for half or long sleeved Anarkali Salwar suits, the coverage will hide the heaviness and create a slimmer effect.


Apart from shape and size, consider these factors also for adopting a flaunting and gorgeous look with your Anarkali suit, no matter you are attending a social gathering or a friendly get-together.

ankarsuitsFor a social function like a wedding ceremony, you can purchase a heavily embroidered Anarkali suit; other than cotton fabrics, Salwar suits made with chiffon or velvets or fine combination of net and velvet will look gorgeous and create a festive and graceful look.

For casual functions or for everyday wear, cotton made Anarkali suits are good options. You may try for floral or geometric prints for comfort and good look.

Designer Anarkali Salwar Kameez are often stitched with zari, stones, bids, and sequences: these specially made salwar suits are expensive and perfectly suitable for some special occasions.

Different types of Anarkali salwars sets are available for purchase. The most popular categories are:

  • Cotton Anarkali Suits- Perfect for summer season and every day wear.
  • Silk made Anarkali suits- Most made with chiffon or combo of chiffon and net are suitable for formal functions.
  • Bridal style Anarkali suits- Embroidered with opulence of embroidery, sequins, zari, lace, these heavy frock-styled Salwar suits are impeccable attire as bridal wear.
  • Party wear Anarkali suits- These are attractive attires made for grabbing attention in a party and get together.
  • Traditional Anarkali suits- these are classy type Salwar suits often seen in Mughal-e-Azam film costumes.
  • Designer Anarkali suits- Made with designer shape with exclusive approach; these are suitable for special occasions for beautiful ladies.
  • Pakistani Anarkali Suit- these are grand combo of Pakistani style and Indian elegance depicted on fabric; a perfect choice for those ladies who love forming their personal style statement.

You can check all these beautiful Anarkali suits from at affordable prices and with impeccable qualities.