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Tina Toler-Keel

Tina Toler-Keel is a mother and an author.  We are grateful that she contributes what she calls “Back Porch Writing”  to Women Move the Soul.  If you are a mom and don’t remember what it was like when you were a teenager or if you’ve got difficulties dealing with today’s teens – you will want to hear was Ms. Toler-Keel has to say.  She writes about about teens, talking to your teens, dealing with your teens and being the best mother that you can be to your teenager.

Tina is like a surrogate mom to a lot of her children’s friends and has “adopted” many teens who “some how” found her via the internet and needed someone to talk to in order to get through some rough times.  This is a women who moves the teenage soul.

Tina Toler-Keel lives in North Carolina with her husband and children.