Through the Fire – Chileshe Mumbi

Let me talk about Emmanuel my son a little bit.  I became pregnant in September 2007 by a man whom I thought truly loved me.  Everything was so fine and our relationship was a bed of roses until I told him that I was pregnant.


Initially he thought it was a joke.  Two months later we went to the hospital and the doctor confirmed the pregnancy.   The world and bed of roses turned upside down and became a world and bed of thorns.  This man started mistreating me initially.  He insisted that I abort the baby and we started having a lot of problems.  He stopped talking to me.  He abused me by beating me up any time I mentioned the coming baby.  He refused to take any responsibilities towards the pregnancy and the baby.


Since I refused to abort my son, I just told myself to move forward and start preparing for my baby to be born.  A few people encouraged me because I was so depressed.  I almost had a miscarriage.  But I thank God for giving me the strength and wisdom to pull through.   My son’s father man has never supported him from the time of inception, after he was born and until now.


Chileshe & son Emmanuel

Emmanuel is now 3 yrs 4 months old.  He is a very intelligent young boy who always gives me strength and courage to wake up every morning and get to work. I have completely moved on with my life and I have told myself never to have anything to do with Emmanuel’s dad.  We are a very happy mother and child and we will not let anyone ruin our happiness.


I am pleased and proud to say that I am now in a very stable relationship with my childhood sweetheart.




To all the women out there, who feel and think they can’t make it in life because of the situations they have been through, I will say to you – put yourself together and never loose focus and as a woman always aim to achieve higher.


Thanks to Women Move the Soul from another mother for giving me an opportunity to share this.


– Chileshe


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