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Theresa Vare – Mommy, Time To Do Your Homework!

Now back to you – how do you find the time between a full-time job and your children to volunteer?
Right now with going back to school I don’t have the time to volunteer.  But don’t get me wrong if I know someone who needs help – I’m right there!


What made you decide to pursue a degree?

I have always wanted to help women and children.  But, pursuing that as a profession wasn’t something I was going to officially do — or I was being extremely slow about taking the steps to make it happen – especially tackling going back to school!   I consider myself fortunate because I was encouraged by wonderful people who saw something in me.  And, they stay in touch to make sure I am still on track and to make sure that I am not getting discouraged as I work toward my goal.

My Mom passed way this year and I want to make sure she is proud of me.  I saw what my mother went through in her relationship and how she had no one there for her.   I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to anyone else.  The only way to do that is to get a degree and start working in that profession.


It must be  challenging to find the time to do all that you do including taking courses on-line.  How do you manage?
I come home after work and spend time with my boys.  Once my baby goes to sleep I get on the computer and get to work.  Then I go to sleep for a what seems like just a couple of hours, the next day comes and I do it all again.


You clearly have the support of your children.  Is it your oldest son or younger son who tells you that it’s time to do your homework?

It’s my oldest.  He tells me it is time to go to the computer and do my homework . A funny story is I was checking my facebook page and my oldest caught me.  He was so mad at me for wasting time on the computer!  He tries to check my grades every other day.  So I make sure that I share my grades with him for his approval.

The great thing is that I am setting an excellent example for both of my children for when they start school.  I love my boys they are the greatest!