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The Life of the Sun

by Chelo Fansua

My name is Chelo Fansua. I am the co-founder of Mi Anatolia, which is an artistic/educational/motivational based company. Our mission is to creatively inspire students, at all levels, to lift their hearts and potential by discovering their Anatolia moment with love, hope, and purpose. Anatolia, Turkey is the first place where humans began crafting mirrors 8,000 years ago. I truly appreciate Founder Tomaca Govan and the rest of the team at WOMEN MOVE THE SOUL for the opportunity to share some thoughts that will provoke you to look within and become a source of inspiration to those that surround you.

Throughout my life, I have always admired the tremendous strength and courage that many mothers are forced to use each and every day. Like an unyielding rose that faces storms without releasing any of its petals, mothers have a natural tendency to protect their most precious belonging. My own mother, as an educator during the day and a night shift worker at a local restaurant, would sit with me to go over my homework every school night. Those valuable lessons planted thousands of seeds within my heart that have brought about a deep appreciation for the incomparable love and sacrifice a mother makes for her children.


MAMA, thank you for making me feel loved and protected longer than The Life of The Sun.