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The Home Playground



submitted by Alanea Mitchell, Virgina USA


Oh, to be a child again!  Next to my office is a “arts” magnet school that serves 3-5 year-olds.  They focus on dance, music and visual art.  There is an old saying that talks about how the sounds of children at play is beautiful music and if you don’t hear it as that, then your life condition is low.  “Low” means that you are depressed, sad or angry – anything but happy.  It is absolutely thrilling to hear the beautiful music of children at play.  With all the high pitched screaming with delight, squeals, laughter, roaring (little boys pretending to be tigers) – it’s good stuff, it’s good medicine.


I used to love taking my children to the playground when they were young.  I didn’t just sit and watch though!  Where and whenever possible, I would climb the jungle gym, go down the slide, swing with them side by side (after they learned how to get themselves up in the air on their own!) and even run through the sprinklers.  Other moms and dads would just stand around or sit on the bench and watch their children.  I liked being hands on.  I liked to play too.  This was years ago, but I still remember like it was yesterday and I envy parents of young children.  Though I am 54, I am a young 54 and can’t wait to do the same things with my grandchildren!  (I’m still waiting though and hope my kids get on the ball soon!)

In fact, I have money put away and plan to have a playground installed in my yard for my grand kids.  They will always be welcome at my house and I’m sure that my kids will enjoy dropping their kids off so they can have a break from time to time.    I and going to relive my childhood and my younger years.  I’ve picked out swing sets in williamsburg va and I’m ready to play!

How about you other Moms, Dads and Grand Parents?