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The Differentiation – iOS VS Android VS BB OS

Submitted by Muhammad Azam


All of you have a good idea that there are so many cell phone companies in the market and they are developing newer smartphones every other month with different operating systems (Os) and different features. All are competitive among each other and they all have unique features. However, with respect to the needs of users, the demands and wants, and with respect to the target market differentiation, the devices all have the best market deals and sales.

Operating systems in smartphones

The devices that are top on the market charts are from the iOS OS, the Android OS, the Blackberry OS and the Windows OS. All you need is to compare the OS and the features of the devices with respect to your own needs of using the smartphones and you will be able to buy one that suits you. If you buy an iPhone (iOS), it will function differently, and if you buy Android sets (Samsung, HTC, Google, Sony Ericsson), you will be satisfied in a different way. On the other hand, as you buy a Blackberry set, it is altogether a new and different experience. Let me give you the general specs of the features of all these, so you can understand what suits you better.

1)      The iOS by Apple is derived from the Mac OS and it works fine but has some issues or rather complex features. For example, if you want to close an app, you cannot find any way unless you tap the home button twice, open the bottom menu bar for apps and you will have to close all of them from there. This is time consuming. Apart from this, the camera quality with iOS is good, but you need to download apps for editing . The iOS devices have secure apps that may not get affected by malware and spyware that easily.

2)      The Android devices however, have good features that you can use. To close an app you do not need to tap the home button. The menu bar will show open apps and you can close them easily from there.  The camera functions with good already integrated editing apps so you can upload and edit pictures on social media apps. The OS is vulnerable to malware and spyware more.


Author’s Biography:

Muhammad Azam is a professional writer in the technical field and you will be glad you read his articles. He writes on how the technology in different consumer electronics takes twists and turns every other month and how much you can save the electronic devices through the use of cases/covers, like for example Blackberry cases. You can find his articles intriguing and interesting.

3)      The Blackberry 10 Os is just like the mixed features of both the above OS. However, it is yet easy to use, has many screen frames that you can use while you work individually at office and in personal life. It separates the notification area and the Os is not at all vulnerable to the outer threats like spyware, malware or viruses.

Author’s Biography:

Muhammad Azam wrote his first article when he was the age of 19. He realized he could go on with writing for technical stuff being his expertise later on. He is now a professional writer, writing about a hundred posts every week or so. His expertise resides in the category of gadgets and the news about the technological advancements. He recommends for his readers, for any kind of information on gadgets and their accessories like the iphone cases and covers.