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The Benefits of Cooking With Cast Iron


This video demonstrates how to season your cast iron pan.




The earliest known process for making cast iron pans was invented in China around 513 B.C., according to Humboldt State University’s website. The Chinese were the first to create the cookery because of their knowledge of melting iron.  During ancient times, cast iron pans were made by first shaping sand casts and molds. Next, molten hot iron would be poured into the various shapes and left to cool. According to HSU, this ancient process is still in use today.

Around 1100 A.D., cast iron pans were first used in England. Originally created for use over an open flame, the cast iron pans were designed with three legs. With the advent of stove tops in the 1700s, cast iron pans lost the legs and began to be made in mass quantities

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