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Tammy – “About Being Fat”

I don’t consider myself a writer.  But then again, maybe I never had anything interesting to write about.  I can’t even say if what I’m writing is interesting.  But it is very personal to me, and lots of women I’m sure can identify with it.  I want to tell you about being fat.  I’m not making a judgment, nor am I using the word in a derogatory sense. Rather, I am speaking in terms of fact.  Based on healthy guidelines, BMI, health weight ranges etc., I have been fat on and off for my entire life.  For a lot of women I know, it can be endless source of frustration…trying every diet known to man.  But for me, turning 40 was what woke me up.  No longer was I interested in “looking good” (although that is a benefit!).  I was now more concerned with my health, and the lack of it coming down the road in the future if I didn’t change something.  It required a lifestyle change…not a diet.


And so…cliché, and like so many other folks, my New Year’s resolution for 2011 was to get healthy.  I joined Weight Watchers and attended my first meeting on Sunday January 2, 2011.  I had a friend who had lost quite a bit of weight, and had found the program worked for her.  She was my inspiration to get started…I figured if she could do it…so could I.  Now let me tell you that because I’ve tried very diet in the world, I can also tell you that I tried Weight Watchers almost 20 years ago.  Although I did lose some weight, the program was difficult to follow and more importantly – maintain.  I gained what I lost, and then some.  Many of you will shake your head in agreement.  You’ve been there.  And so I was determined that this time would be different.  I am not a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, so I am not in the position to endorse this for everyone, but it has been my vehicle on my weight loss journey.


I know exercise and eating right are the 2 components of being healthy.  For me, I could only start one at a time.  I decided to focus in on the healthy eating first.  It took some reading, some homework and time, but the PointsPlus Plan on Weight Watchers has truly made it easy for me.  I don’t feel like it’s a diet.  In fact, I never say, “I can’t have this because I’m on a diet.”  Any maybe that’s why this time it’s working for me.  For me, it’s been slow, but steady.  To date I’ve been on the plan for 10 months, and I’ve lost 32 pounds.  For a 5-foot tall woman, that’s 3 sizes!  Think of bags of sugar at the supermarket.  They’re 5 pounds each.  I was carrying around 6 of them on my body everyday!  I feel so much better now.  Aches and pains that I had are gone.  I have more energy.  I can do everything my kids want to do.


I added the exercise component 7 months into the plan.  I started slowly.   I still don’t get as much as I should though.  With 2 kids and a full-time job, it’s hard to find the “me” time.

My son goes to religious school for an hour once a week.  What can you do with an hour?  Not much.  So one of the other moms suggested that we exercise during the hour.  We’re there anyway….what a great idea!  She found a Zumba instructor to come to the school and teach a group of moms for an hour.  I love it!  I look forward to Tuesday every week…I feel energized after.  I only wish I had more time to do more.


I haven’t reached my weight loss goal yet…. It’s not so much of a destination as it is a journey.  I still would like to lose another 10-15 pounds.  I expect that I will always need to monitor my healthy eating and exercise habits…so as not to be on the endless merry-go-round of weight loss.  But I’m on my way…..

Tammy lives in Arkansas, USA with her husband and two children.