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Talking to Tomaca – WMTS Founder

You wanted to speak about the picture you chose to post with this interview.

Three of my "herd"

Yes, yes, yes!  We have four dogs, two cats and two turtles.  All of our animals are rescues.  Rescued from the streets or from being thrown away – with the exception of one of our turtles.  He was purchased from a store as a companion to Corky – our other turtle.  So I want to inspire people to adopt an animal from a kill shelter.  Save a life, so they can save yours.  Animal friends create great value in your life and you will never have a better friend!

This reminds me of a little joke that goes – lock your husband and your dog in the garage.  At the end of the day, open the door and see which one is happy to see you!  :  )
What about your own personal goals?

I am a singer by nature.  At some point in my life I would like to travel and sing and travel and sing.  Other than that, I am learning how to play piano.  I’d like to become proficient enough to write my own music and accompany myself.   There’s also a lot of self-improvement that I am working on, things within myself and things I want to complete –  finish my cd, finish my book.  Lots of things I want to do, to see and experience before God blows the whistle and tells me to get out of the pool!