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Talking to Tomaca – WMTS Founder

Tomaca with her "babies" - 3 of her dogs

How did Women Move the Soul get started?

A conversation with an artist who said that “women move the soul; they are the life givers and creators,” among other things.  This was the inspiration and fueled the concept.  I asked him if it was okay to use his words and upon his approval, I bought the domain name.  I did that several years ago and did a little with the site, but not much because I was doing so many other things.  This year, 2011, I got focused on it and brought it to full life.

An important aspect of WMTS is that we are ALL stars.  I want people to get away from the concept and idea that the lives of celebrities are important and deserve the focus they get.  We, the regular, everyday woman deserve focus and celebration for everything that we do.  As I put in one of my editorials – at WMTS, we are not about glitz and glamour because that world is not a real one; it’s a false projection.   What we do in our lives is real.


How do you find the people that you interview?

In my heart and my soul I believe that we are all equal and the same.  When I meet someone, whether it’s virtually or in person, I want to know about that person and I want to find a way to connect with them on a deep level.  I am not superficial and genuinely care about other people.   If you do that and you have the opportunity to hear someone else’s story, there is always inspiration.  There is always a “wow” in there somewhere – — you accomplished that?  you overcame what?   WOW!

So that goes on and on and on.  The more you talk to people, the more you find.  And, also, there are those people who need a little encouragement or acknowledgement about what they’re doing or what they are thinking that they would like to do.  A kind word of support and sometimes a continued connection with continued encouragement is everything and means the world to people.  And, in these situations it’s not always a one-way thing.  Every time you give something, you get something back.  Also, you may think you are giving something and helping someone, but in reality, they are helping you.

So – I meet people on the internet and in person.  We also have other writers and contributors who write on other topics and about other people.  I can’t speak for how they find the people they write about that’s not so important; the important thing is that we share women’s stories and share inspiration.  We are women inspiring women!


What’s coming up for WMTS?  What do the readers have to look forward to in the coming new year?

Well, first of all, we invite everyone to take part in WMTS, whether it be writing for us by interviewing their own friends and/or posting their own stories – even leaving their comments on other people’s postings.  We look forward to as much participation as possible from everyone, everywhere.

We’ve added a social network component to the site and invite everyone to come on and build their profiles and start sharing with one another.  We have a forum that I would like to see being actively used also to generate conversation and inspiration!

One big thing that I would like to kick off is WMTS radio which would have original women’s music and podcasts of conversations on a variety of topics – all women for women by women.  We have so many issues that we deal with in our daily lives – children, husbands or partners, careers, financials, our bodies – an endless array of topics and issues.  We are different, but we are all the same when it comes down to those basic fundamentals.

The impact on a family is different when Mom is depressed, versus when Dad is depressed.  Women are the sun and the joy of the family.  We are the center.  So, we need to talk about all of those things that we are and that we experience.  By sharing, you help me and I help you.

We are always working on improving the look and the feel of the site.   Also improving our mobile app, expanding our stories and interviews, acquiring more writers and contributors and perspectives.

We would like to see international gatherings, meetings and summits sponsored by WMTS.  I personally would like to see us do fundraisers for certain things.  For instance, Denise’s Unstoppable story really touched me.  Here’s a woman who works part-time because she has children, who are smart and wonderful, but have medical issues and would like to go to a whale watch.  I think to go on a whale watch it’s just $40 some odd dollars for a ticket.  She would need a ticket for her and her children.  It wouldn’t take that much for all of us to send her on a whale watch if a lot of people contributed – say .50 cents or a dollar.  We’ll video tape her experience and share it with everyone as a way to say thank you.

I do a toy drive every year.  We collect new and used toys.  For the used toys, I personally make sure that everything is washed, clean, has batteries if it needs it and is working.  When they pick up the toys from us, they need a van because we collect so much.  We always turn around and say thank you to all the donors and we say thank you for bringing a smile to a child’s face who otherwise would not have one for the holiday season.  Sending Denise on a whale watch would do the same thing.

There is also a woman in Africa who wants to start a business and needs start-up capital.  She’s done her homework and has a viable idea – first of all – and a solid plan.  We could do a fundraiser and help her get started in her business and then she can turn around and help others.  This is how life should work with everyone helping everyone else.

So all that to say – gatherings, fundraisers and supporting our sisters is a part of our goals.  In five years or less, I would like to see those kinds of things happening on a regular basis.