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Summer in Charleston

The temperature is 17 degrees here in Connecticut today.   There are snow banks over 6 ft high on some streets.  Winter gets a little crazy to people in New England around February.  We get really weary of the cold.  Even those avid ski buffs who love the ability to ski with tons of snow start longing for a little change, even if it’s briefly.  Because, after all, they do have to travel back and forth to work and the store and the schools, and take the kids here, take the kids there.  It’s not all fun a games.

sc-lakeSouth Carolina beckons.   The large, old stately homes with the big porches, the trees, the terrain, the temperature.  I would not mind being on a porch, in a rocking chair doing absolutely nothing but rocking.   Take a walk by a lake and drink in a sunset.  Step into the woods for just a moment and become part of all nature there.  Remember that I too am a part of nature and all that is good.

I would stay at a place with a pool so I could glide through the water and become a liquid soul for a short period of time.  I would stay at an out of the way motel so I wouldn’t have to be part of traffic and a part of the hustle and bustle.  These are fantastic deals on hotels in Charleston from! Maybe you can find your escape today.