Strength, Dedication, Love & “Hope”

Hope during one of her mini-vacations

How do you balance everything out? Do you ever get to take a break, or do you not need one?

I have 2 words to answer this question…SATURDAY NIGHT.  Saturday night has been my favorite night since I can remember.  Now that I have a little more freedom, I love to book a hotel suite at the Casino and go overnight.  The day after Thanksgiving I went to Philly and stayed at the Embassy suites just for a night.   These are my Saturday Night Getaways. Once a month is all I need. I feel totally refreshed, totally grown and totally sexy!


Where do you find time for yourself to pursue your personal passions?

I love that word Personal Passion!  What is that?  If it’s the things that I just love and make me feel good that would be reading first. There’s always some time to read. I’m a book nut.  Some people call me boring, but I’m very happy and content.  I’d rather be home then out. Once a month I go out and shake my hair and get an all nights rest, but that’s not what makes me the happiest. Having the bills all paid, and everyone safe and sound and some good ole skool music makes Hope a very happy woman!


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