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You recently went back to learning how to play the drums. What inspired you to do that?

I have always wanted to play the drums since I was 18.  I took lessons briefly, but the motivation was not there. I didn’t have many people around me who were interested in music and didn’t really want to take the time to show me how to play. I met someone who would take me into their church and let me bang away. I had no clue what I was doing but after a couple of weeks, I was able to play along with them playing their bass guitar and we would jam.  I love it.  I pick different youtube tutorials daily to help me and I try to play along with certain songs. I have a new appreciation for music and some of my favorite songs from back in the day sound even better now that I can pick out the different instruments in the songs.  It’s very relaxing.


What are your goals as a drummer?

My goals are to increase my practice time and to “slow down.”  I want to play a whole song right away, .but I know there’s a lot to be learned before I can do that. I manage to frustrate myself if I can’t get a certain beat, but practice makes perfect.


Her daughter wants to learn how to play the cello.

How do your kids feel about you playing drums? Do they think it’s “weird” that mom plays the drumset?

They could not believe it when I brought it home! LOL!  My oldest used to play the drums in jr. high school but played the sousaphone in the band in high school and in the pep band in college. He helped me a little but I know he didn’t think I was serious until he heard me playing one night and came in and let his friend hear me on his cellphone!  It felt so good he was proud of me.  My 8 year old wants to play guitar, but he jumped on the drums one day and sounded like a natural. My daughter just laughs!…I keep asking her if she wants to try..and she keeps saying “no”…but I caught her on them one day!!   My mom is the one who loves it the most. She said she always loved the drums – something I never knew until now.


And a novel? How is the book writing coming along?

My book is coming along slowly but surely. During the time my parents got sick, I put it down and never picked it back up until recently. I read a book a day.  Novels I would finish in  2 1/2 days. I love to read and am never without a book. I decided one day “I can write one of these”…but it’s not as easy as it seems. Building characters and personalities and remembering little details…theres a lot to writing but I like the challenge.  I haven’t set myself a deadline yet. But I do have a plot, the characters and a title.


To add to the plate a little more – you have plans to return to school to obtain a degree. How do you plan to attend school – on-line or in classes?

I do the on-line courses which work very well for me. I even made the Deans list one semester. I was very dissappointed when I didn’t have enough money in January to start. I could not afford to pay for my son’s tuition and mine at the same time.


What will be your course of study?

Liberal Arts/ Creative writing…and then I want to do the Bachelors of Library Science. It’s an online course of study and would fit my schedule. I have not decided if I will Purse a Masters of Library Science yet. We will see!!!


And, why go back now?

I always have to tell this story. When I was in High School, I only applied to 1 college…UMASS in Amherst, MA. I just knew i was getting in! I got a rejection letter and it broke my heart. All my friends were going away or to community colleges and so I just immersed myself into working more hours at the library. When I did decide to go back, and went to the high school for my transcripts, the counselor noticed that my high school counselor did not add my credits right and had put DID NOT GRADUATE on my transcripts.  That’s why I didn’t get into UMASS!  I was so mad! That is why I really want to have a degree in my possession. It’s just a “personal” reason. I really don’t feel you need to have a degree to be successful or happy in your life. I just feel I deserve it. Even when I do get a degree, I may decide to stay a library clerk.  I love being the person to greet everyone with a smile as they walk through the door, or be the one to calm a mad patron down because they have fines for a book they have had for 5 years! lol..Thats what I do and I’m good at at.


How long will it take you to reach your educational goals?

Well I only need abou 9 more credits at STCC. I only need electives so I’m going to push it.  I’m not sure how long it will take for the Bachelors. I’m taking my time. Im 41 and not in competion with any one.  My health (physical and mental), my mom and my children come first.



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