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Spring Break! Activities Your Kids Will Always Remember


Submitted by Annette Hazard


Spring break is right around the corner. Have you planned a few activities to keep your kiddos occupied and having fun? Need some ideas?

Go On an Adventure

Plan a visit to a local museum or zoo. A trip to the museum or zoo can take a child on a learning adventure and provide hours of fun. To get even more out of the experience, request a guided tour.

Arts and Craftsspring-break2

Help your child get in touch with his or her artistic side. Stock up on paint, glitter, scissors and glue. Embrace the mess, and enjoy yourselves.

Get Wet

If you live in a warmer climate, you might enjoy splashing in your own pool or a community pool. Has your child taken swim lessons yet? Could they use a refresher course? Spring break swim lessons such as those found at will get your child ready for summer pool fun.

Get Active

If you want to get outside and get moving, then biking and rollerblading are great options. Consider a trip to the batting cages or a game of putt-putt golf. If it is raining, hit the roller rink or a local climbing wall.

Catch a Movie

What is new on the big screen? Spring break is the perfect opportunity to catch the latest kid’s flick. If a trip to the movie theater is not in the budget, consider renting a dvd or watching something new on Netflix. Do not forget the popcorn!


Summer is right around the corner. Hit the mall to help your child choose a new warmer-weather wardrobe. If the mall is not in your budget, visit your local consignment or thrift shop. You are sure to find a treasure at a price you can afford.

Get GameChildren Playing a Board Game

Spring break might be a good time to let your children choose a new video game. Add to the fun by letting them have their friends over for a gaming party. Split the group into two teams, provide some snacks, and let the competition begin!


Between homework and extracurricular activities, sleepovers can be difficult to schedule throughout the regular school year. A spring break sleepover could be just the answer. Be sure to include your child in the planning process. Let him or her make the invitations and help plan for fun food and games.

However you and your child decide to spend spring break, enjoy your time together and keep the focus on fun!