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Something for Him

Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  Hopefully ladies, you got your lovely flowers, candy or whatever else your heart desired on that day.   But, I have a question.  Did you get him anything?

Valentine’s Day has been advertised and commercialized with an angle that that man has to get something for the woman.   You see men lined up in rows at the floral shops, the floral department in the grocery stores and they all seem to be sweating.  They don’t want to mess this up!  It’s amusing really when you look at it and then it’s downright silly when you think about it.  They created the holiday to be what it is today so that corporations can make money.  And, make money they do.  Personally, I do not celebrate holidays.  But, that’s just me and I’m a little different.  I choose to be off the beaten path, so to speak.


Anyway, if you received lovely things for that holiday why not give him a little something for himself? You might want to check out some nice men’s floid products here.  I think he’ll love you more for it!