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Six Creative Ideas for Window Treatments in the Bathroom and Kitchen



If you are the type of homeowner that enjoys dramatic, airy, or colorful drapes and window treatments surrounding your windows, you might resort to using boring blinds that you picked up at a hardware store in the bathroom and kitchen. Since these areas are typically cramped on space, and don’t allow for large, dramatic window treatments, we often sacrifice style for functionality. However, if you want your window treatments to add a sense of style to the bathroom and kitchen, there are a few options that will work. Try a few of the creative ideas for window treatments below, and breathe a little life back into your bathroom and kitchen windows.

6 Easy Window Treatment Ideas that Look High-End 1Roman Shades with Ribbons

For bathrooms or kitchens that have a feminine style, you can contribute to the overall tone of the room with roman shades that are held up with delicate ribbons. Have fun by pairing the ribbon with curtains that showcase a large floral print or a chevron design. You can then sew a complementing color of ribbon onto the fabric for a beautiful design that will also shade the inside of the home.


For a rustic touch that adds a cozy tone to the kitchen or bathroom, consider adding wood shutters that evoke natural, earthy tones. The shutters can be painted to create a worn look that adds extra character to the room, and prevents the windows from looking too bare. Consider adding shutters to bay windows over a breakfast nook, or on a large window just above the kitchen sink for a fixture that sets the overall style in the room.

6 Easy Window Treatment Ideas that Look High-End 6Bamboo Shades

For a modern look in the interior space, bamboo shades offer a stylish look that also provides plenty of privacy. For those who live near the water or in a coastal state, bamboo shades look tropical and come in a variety of different colors. Bamboo shades are also considered a natural and organic choice when using window treatments with environmentally-friendly materials that are made to create woven wood. Bamboo shades also work to filter rays, making them a great option for allowing natural light in without dealing with the harsh sunlight from entering the room.

6 Easy Window Treatment Ideas that Look High-End 5

Fretwork Panels

Fretwork panels offer a creative look that showcases a beautiful design in the home. The window treatments allow just enough light in without sacrificing privacy, or creating a glare. It will even cast a gorgeous pattern on the walls or floor around the window—adding to the style of the room. You can mix and match fretwork panel designs and colors throughout the kitchen or bathroom in order to keep the windows looking particularly chic.

6 Easy Window Treatment Ideas that Look High-End 4Curtains and Blinds

Instead of having to choose between curtains and blinds, opt for using both options on the windows for a gorgeous look that adds extra dimension to the room. You’ll have more of an option on how much light will be let into the room, while also choosing from various curtain patterns that can complement the color of your blinds. Using a combination of shorter curtains and quality blinds is a popular choice for many homeowners today who don’t want to choose between the two.

6 Easy Window Treatment Ideas that Look High-End 3Scalloped Valance

Instead of sticking with a traditional style of a valence, opt for one that features a scalloped design for a unique look that will add an extra mount of detail to the room. The style creates a whimsical touch and will look even more stylish when coordinated with wallpaper used on the bathroom or kitchen walls. To prevent the valance from looking too bare, consider hanging curtains underneath for a complete look that creates a focal point in the room.


Instead of having windows that appear mundane, enhance the aesthetics with unique window treatment options that are anything but boring. By thinking outside of the box and opting for a style that is more than just blinds, it will allow you to create a gorgeous room that truly feels inviting.


“Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information on decorating windows with plantation shutters in West Palm Beach contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.”