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Shanice Manderville and Brick City Ent. – Making Music Industry Waves


Following our passion is what it’s all about. Here is a woman who pursued her interest in being in the music industry by creating and developing her own independent record label.   To venture into the music industry, to stay there and to be able to support yourself in it takes more than talent.  It takes guts, determination and skill.  Shanice Manderville has all of those things and is making her own waves in the hip hop music industry.

What made you decide to create your own record label?

My love and passion for always wanting to be apart of the music industry weather it was from an artist stand point, or working behind the scenes.


You obtained a music production certificate from Berkley.  How did you find out about the program and what made you pursue it?

Well, after I actually start my label, I also wanted to know how to physically do the work myself, that I was hiring others to do such as a recording engineer.  So I decided to enroll into an studio production course with Berklee College of Music.

One problem many people have with some rap and some hip hop is that the lyrics and videos are degrading to women.  You mentioned that as a female music industry executive, your goal is to have a positive influence on the music that comes out of your label. Please tell us how so and what your plans are.

Basically I feel like hip hop lacks feminine presence. Although there are women in hop hop and behind the scenes, I feel as though we need more females involved in the industry and being hands on in order to get that balance. Because right now, the industry is predominately male, which is why we get a “one sided voice” on what is hot today. Hip hop needs positive females in power within the industry that can stand up and say “hey it’s more to hip hop than this” which will also help lead our youth in the right direction as well. That’s the message that I hope to send today.


You are also a singer.  What are your plans for yourself musically?  Do you have any, or do you choose at this point to be administrative from now on?

Right now my focus is helping and working with other artists to get their music out. Although, I still keep myself acquainted with writing some lyrics for artists.


What kind of services does the label provide to its signed artists?

Any artist signed on my label, I take them from A to Z with any project we work on. I get the artist in the studio, record the project, get the video done, promote and market their brand. I get them booked for shows and radio interviews, sell albums independently. I’m doing just about everything a major label would do with their artists, just on a smaller scale.


How do you determine whether or not someone will be signed to your label?  What do you look for?

Pure Talent. I love talent, if I like your work, you’re signed. Just that simple. I’m not the type to sign an artist because their doing what’s “hot” for the moment. I love versatility in artists and I also don’t have a specific type of genre that I am into. I like whatever sounds good, point blank.


Beyond the services offered to artists, your company also offers other services.  What are they?

Yes the same services that I provide to my artists, I also extend to other artists that do not necessarily have to be signed to my company. The services I offer are studio time, cd duplication services, video shooting and editing, and online promotional and marketing services such as e- blast.


How is business going overall?  Is there a high demand for your services?

This is my 3rd year in the business, everything is going as expected. Business is consistent, I am looking to take Brick City Entertainment to the next level opening the 1st quarter of 2013.


How is the marketing going for the artists?  Are they getting the press and recognition that you want them to have?

The marketing has been a blessing, within the 1st year, I was able to land some of the artists I managed on TV in front of over 200,000,000 viewers world wide. So that was a great accomplishment coming out of the gate. Since then, I consistently have artists in rotation on major terrestrial radio stations and online stations as well. The fan base is gaining on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking and music websites as well.


What more do you need to do to develop your company and how do you plan to do to it?

I would say to just continue to keep doing what I’m doing. To succeed in this business it takes time, great talent, and consistency.


What is the ultimate goal of Brick City Entertainment?

The ultimate goal for Brick City Entertainment its change the music industry as we know it. The main objective right now is to be 100% independent, but still be able to compete with major labels. B.C.E. came to change the game in a way we ain’t never seen before. You mark my word.



Shanice Manderville