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Sending Merry Grams from Mary Graham


Mary Graham has 4 grown children, 16 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  She has worked in the security field for many years.   For the last several years she has been creating crafts and developing her “craftswomenship.”   Mary is taking her crafts to the next level by starting her own artistic home-based business.


Mary, three generations of children.  That’s wonderful.

I thank God that I was able to live to see three generations.


As far as your business, how did you get started with doing the crafts that you do?


I started several years ago.  I was caretaker for a woman who taught we how to make gift baskets.   I have been making gift baskets and cards for all occasions since then.  At my daughter’s wedding, I made all of the table decorations, did all the flower arrangements and managed the artistic layout of the room.  I have done the same for friends and clients for baby showers and weddings.


How did you get started with designing cards? 


My nephew had a lot to do with that.  He always told me to do what I like and to be consistent with it.  So I took his advice and took my artistry to a different level and I began making cards for all occasions.  Some of them are the basic greetings but a lot of them are customized based on what people want, from the theme to the , even down to what is said inside the card.
I make cards for holidays, birthdays, newborns, even friend based cards for women who want to recognize and acknowledge their girl friends and say thanks for being there.


Why do you do it? 


It’s something that I have passion for.  I enjoy myself while I am in the moment of creating and designing.  It also fills a void in the gift card industry because my work can be customized.  I make cards that have the look, the feel and even the saying that you want. The actual process makes me happy and I am very grateful when I share my work and others like it and can use it.  And I can just imagine the joy of the person who receives it.


You recently started taking classes to learn business and marketing.  Why are you taking these classes? 

I’m taking these classes because it will help me to develop my business more solidly in the long run.  I need to get more familiar with the business aspect.   I need a better understanding of marketing and marketing strategies.  My goal is that someday my business will support me.  In order to accomplish that, I am learning all that I can about how everything works.


You also design doll houses.  Tell about how you got started with that.

When I was a little girl I always wanted to play with a dollhouse but I couldn’t because I didn’t have one.  So my dream is to make it a reality for other little girls who have the same desire but who’s parents don’t have the means to make that dream a reality.

My dollhouses are made with love.  It’s just like a real house that is fully furnished and has electricity and everything!  I believe every little girl should have one.


If people want to buy one of your dollhouses or are interested in your greeting cards, how can they contact you? 

That’s easy. Just email me at