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School Starts Soon!


Submitted by Tomaca

Is it too soon to think school about at the end of July?  Don’t you want to enjoy the rest of the summer without the thoughts of the back to school scenario?  The stores have already started pushing the purchase of school supplies.  Kind of like how they push Christmas shopping on us in October – before Halloween.

But maybe it’s not too early for those who want to be fully prepared.  If you have a tight budget, you need to spread out the purchase of clothes over a period of time.  If your children attend schools that require them to wear uniforms, you are better off than most because the need (or perceived need by your child) for the style and variety is not there.  A sturdy pair of shoes and sneakers are always needed.  But of course, nowadays kids are conditioned to desire diversity.  The endless commercials by the stores condition and program those young minds (and our older minds) to need, to desire, to want.  We live beyond our means to project that are not real.  They are crafted and fashioned by an industry who is programming us to spend, spend, spend.

What about cell phones?  How many children do you have, how many of them have cell phones and how much does it all cost? Hasn’t all of this spending gotten out of hand?  If it’s a problem for you, how do you deal with it?

I guess I am painting a negative picture.  But, education in itself is a wonderful thing.  Learning, reading, studying, growing – this is beautiful.  The gaining of knowledge is the beginning of the development of wisdom.  Learned people excel in a lot of areas of their life.  Younger children learn facts in school.  As they get older and they begin to learn and develop thinking, processing and reasoning skills.  One of the benefits of college is that it helps you to develop these skills.

A friend of mine recently acquired her master’s degree and said that no one will tell her just anything ever again.  Knowledge is power.  Education is power.  Children who are not looking forward to school need to understand these things.  Education is essential.

For our college students, I wonder how many of them struggle to keep up with the daily homework.  Professors will say to you things like “read the chapters 7, 8, 9 and 10, and we’ll continue the discussion tomorrow.”  Or, “write 20 pages on the subject and have it done by tomorrow’s class. ”  I wonder if some of our kids would run to an on-line company for essay writing service, or download papers that are already written about the subject they have to report on.

There are programs available that check for plagiarism and they’re very accurate.  So, it’s hard to get by with not writing your own work or turning in original content.   For those of us who work full-time – in the home and outside of the home – and are taking courses, hiring a writing service might not be a bad idea.  The important thing is to understand what is being written about and to know the material of study.  I think then it’s acceptable to hire a service.

But, for now let’s enjoy August, the sun and the warmth of summer.  It’s still great beach weather and relaxation and vacations are still calling!