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Rescue Your Child From Technology





Today’s advantaged children get lost in their playstations, xboxes, cell phone and ipads.  Technology is a great thing, but it’s greatly over used in some cases.  If you have children who don’t want to go outside and play or find the great outdoors boring, they need to rediscover — or perhaps learn for the first time! – the magic of nature.

Go outside with them and look at the trees, the leaves, the grass, the flowers, insects — everything!  Pay attention to different bird calls or “bird songs” and try to figure out what kind of birds you are hearing.  Count the variety of plants that grow in your area or the variety of insects.  Dig into your own inner child and help yours to explore.




If you have a yard, find the perfect place to hang an old tire to make a swing or where the best place is to put chairs for sitting outside and enjoying the world.

If you don’t have a yard – as long as you have grass and some greenery – you can create excitement!  How many different insects do you see or hear?  What kind of grass is growing in your area.  You can make a bird feeder from an orange juice carton and fill it up with seeds to attract various birds that you can watch.  How about finding creating ways to make a bird bath?  The ideas and fun can be endless for both of you.


As you teach your child about real life (away from all the gadgets), they will begin to learn new things in different ways.  Many children are kinesthetic, meaning they learn through physical movement and by touching tangible things.  Kinesthetic learners will have challenges learning from technology that other types of learners won’t have.

Outdoor play on items such as these swing sets in virginia beach are the best for kids.  It keeps them physically active, healthier and if there are other children that can be included or invited to participate, it helps them develop strong socialization skills.  These are attributes that can’t be gained by playing video games.  So get out with your kids and see, hear, touch and smell nature!