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Rena Scott – Born to Sing and Won’t Stop

Tell us about the book that you are writing.


It will be about my life. I will go into real detail on every aspect. I will talk about growing up with domestic violence in my house.  I will talk about trials and temptations I faced being in the music business.  It will take you on a journey. I am sure you will find it quite interesting. I do not want to give it away. When it comes out, we will have to do another interview. I would like to see it turned into a movie.

Thank you Rena.

No, thank you. And I want to thank all my fans who have followed me from the beginning of my career until now. You have allowed me to do what I love to do, what I believe I was born to do. I Wish you all Love and Blessings sincerely…………. Rena





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