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Rena Scott – Born to Sing and Won’t Stop

What are your current and future goals in life as it relates to music?

I am currently promoting and marketing myself with my current CD “Take Me Away.” I continue to do interviews, set up the CD for reviews, and work on getting radio airplay. I network to gain more exposure. I want to continue to license my music for films and TV and any in other way I can. I am also starting to write for my next CD. I am working with some new writers and producer. I want to do voiceovers for TV, movies and radio. I love to do different characters as well as my own voice. I am planning to write a book in the future. I am looking for an agent to book me for a tour, voiceovers and licensing my music. I am going to record a gospel album after this next CD. I would love to record some duets with some of my favorite singers and musicians: Aretha Franklin, Robin Thicke, Brain McKnight, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Dave Koz, Charlie Wilson, just to name a few.

How involved are you with the creation of the music that you sing?

I am very involved. I love to collaborate with other writers and producers. I tell them what kind of song I am looking for. They give me a basic track. I start to get an idea in my head for the chorus and verse and we build the track from there. I always compare it to an artist who starts with a blank canvas. Once the picture is finished – it is magic – you have a beautiful painting. It is the same way with writing a song. After you have finished creating a great song, it is so fulfilling.

Do you feel that we can get young people back to organic music?

I do think that a lot of them take songs or loops from old school R&B and use it in their music. I have also heard a lot cover songs done on some of older songs. I think some of them really like the old R&B singers and groups. With so many internet radio stations popping up around the world, people are hearing it. So many of the stations are now able to play what they like instead of being told by corporate what they can or cannot play. I believe that is why I am getting airplay around the world now. You have people from everywhere who like great music and they can hear it 24 hours a day.

What aspect of music do you enjoy the most – recording, performing, touring, writing, or just plain old singing anywhere?

I enjoy doing them all. When I write it is a process. I come up with ideas. Once they come together it is very satisfying. When I record it and add the different elements like the background vocals, chorus – it starts to build from there. I love performing live with a great band and background singers. When the band, sound and vocals come together for me, it is magic. I am caught up in it. It is a way to express myself. I love when the audience grooves with me.