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Rena Scott – Born to Sing and Won’t Stop

How did you overcome the disappointments that you have faced during your career?

The music business looks and feels glamorous from the outside, but on the inside, it’s different. I can certainly say that I have been able to do some things that some people only dream of doing by being in the music business. It has allowed me to work with some of the best in the business. I have been able to travel to places like Paris and do a song for a movie. I have worked with my mentor Aretha Franklin at Carnegie Hall. I have traveled all over the US and Europe doing Major Jazz/R&B festivals with 40,000 to 50,000 people. I performed with such greats as the Jazz Crusaders and Michael Henderson. It is a wonderful thing when you can do what you love to do and get paid for it.

On the other hand, there have been many ups and downs. I can tell you there where times I wanted to give up. I had two record deals that folded. The music industry has changed over the years. Record labels only want to sign 15-25 year olds.

I cannot change my age but I can be the best me I can. That is why I started my own label. I could not sit back and wait I had to go for it. My husband told me if I did not give it everything I had while I could that I would hate myself for it later. That really challenged me to learn as much about the industry and do it myself with his help.

It is not easy I wake up everyday and get to work. I promote and market myself on the internet. It has helped me greatly to connect with my fans all over the world.

Currently, I am the only artist on my label. It costs so much to promote and market an artist. I look forward to growing and expanding my business.

My daughter signed with a label out of Las Vegas called Bad Sue Records. She has just released her first single off her upcoming CD. I am so proud and excited for her. I am sure we will be recording together again in the future. You can hear our duet on my current CD “Take Me Away.” It is called “Thank God For You.” I would love to sign with a label that will do more than I have and take it to the next level of promotion and marketing. There still so many things I want to do. I refuse to give up I have come too far to turn back now. I now know it is part of my purpose and destiny.

Let us talk a little about the mainstream music arena. For some reason, men in the famous rock bands can be 100 years old and still enjoy popularity, but a woman seems to be discarded from the lime light after she hits her 30’s. As a, I won’t say “older,” but instead “mature” woman, how do you feel about that? Do you feel that the industry is biased against you because of your age? And if so, how do you counteract that (or do you?) and what is your advice to “mature” women who are great vocalists, musicians and artists and are looking to get out there and be established?

I do feel that way. It has been like that a long time in the entertainment industry. It is not right or fair. I know there are many people who enjoy my music. Good music never gets old or goes away.

The internet really let me know I had thousands of fans all over the world. People who are 35 and up would be my biggest market. I sing from my soul and it is the real thing. People feel that in my music. I grew up with hearing great music.

There were so many wonderful artists that came out of Detroit. Motown definitely was a big part that along with other great groups and artist. I am going to keep making the best music I can. I want to continue to explore different types of music to bring out the best in me as an artist.

I market my music on the internet. Facebook, My space, Twitter, You tube etc… For all artists, this is the way now. You can market, promote and sell your music on so many websites out there to get exposed.