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Rena Scott – Born to Sing and Won’t Stop

What do you do when you are extremely talented, believe in yourself, but the industry that you are trying to get into will not give you the time of day because of your age or your race or your “look” in general?

That is how the mainstream music industry is. It is controlled and contrived with routine practices of age, race and sex discrimination. They actively promote young people who are NOT talented in any major way because when marketed properly, can generate revenue from a non-discerning, young audience. Meanwhile, truly gifted people go unnoticed.

Rena Scott has an incredible voice and talent. She’s been in the music industry for a long time and has never been given her due. Like a lot of inspirational women, she will not give up and continues to do what she is and makes her own way. We are grateful for her conversation and her inspiration on Women Move the



You started out singing in a Baptist churches. Did you ever feel out of place because of the color of your skin?

I grew up in the Black community. I think people were shocked when they saw this skinny little light-skinned girl get up there to sing. They really did not expect this big voice with so much emotion and soul go come out. You could just see it on their faces after the first note. I always thought that was funny. I was teased often because I was light skinned. I did feel different because I did not look like anyone in my family. I could not quite figure that out. Many years later I found out that I was bi-racial – half white and half Black. I was called several names and some people wanted to beat me up in school for no reason. That really hurt me, I did not understand that. I was blessed to have so many wonderful friends who stood up for me back then. I am so grateful for my church experience. It brought me closer to God and helped to develop as a singer and a person. To me there is no better training ground. I had so many teachers and choir directors mentor me.


You have been in the music business for all of your life. You have paid your dues. Do you feel that you achieved what you wanted? For being as talented as you are vocally, do you feel that you got what you deserved? And, is there more on your plate to do musically?

 I have achieved a lot in the business. I have 4 albums and was featured on 8 Soul CD compilations through out the US and the world. I have sung on several movie sound tracks and sang jingles along with other accomplishments. I want to do more of that kind work as well as do some acting. There is so much more that I want to achieve. I want to continue to grow and be the best I can be with the talents and blessings God has given me. I have come to realize that God is in control – not me – and I know he will continue to open doors for me just like this interview with you.