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Remember Paper Dolls?

No, young people, it’s not a movie, a band or a tv show.  I’m talking about real paper dolls.  If you are too young to know about this, your mom or your grandmom will know what we’re talking about.


In my day, I would spend $1.50 on a paper doll.  She came in a nicely decorated folder with many outfits that you could change and mix and match.  The doll would be printed on preforated card stock and the clothes had to be cut out by hand.  I had quite a collection and to add to that- I would cut the women out of fashion magazines, glue them onto cardboard and design my own clothes and costumes.   Hours and hours of play and imagination are at hand with paper dolls.





These are some printable pages that we found out on the internet.  To tell the truth, I was relieved to see that the art and the play are still alive and well.




Stay tuned, we’ve got more coming!



To print the dolls, you can click on the links below:


Black Doll

White Doll with Puppy

Page of Clothes