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Post-Mortem Communication



Following death, it is often that family members squabble over estates and property due to the rocketing price of real estates and the monetary value of something being left to someone in a will. There have been instances where the person who has passed away has often used the will to spread a smile or spread his word and it with this in mind that a slightly more humorous take can be taken on wills.

As will confirm, the process of squabbling over property and bequeathed things are not only stressful but also well documented, here’s an alternate look at wills and last testaments, removed from the boring legality of the procedure and more into the humanity of it. In essence, wills are communiqués that are completed after the death of one person. This makes them a special form of communication as they happen when there is no possible way to communicate with the person who has passed away, it is the deceased’s words being said after he has left the living.

In the old days, people often deposited letters with trustees telling them to mail them to loved ones after their death at specified intervals of time. They were letters which provided the loved ones with respite and a sort of bridge into the forgotten feeling of being with someone who has passed away. In the modern day, electronic communication has replaced the old standards and they provide more novel methods of being in touch with loved ones after death. Imagine a sudden email from your grandfather, who passed away, telling you some wisdom from his many years living the adventure of life. Or a video message with an old aunt waving and smiling in a day where live footage of the deceased is something sought after.

Another method is that of time-lapsed letters and gifts. Anyone can arrange for an executor who keeps with him certain items that are to be given after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Say for example, you have a really old car in your grandfather’s estate. You can set it aside and keep some money for its upkeep and make contingencies to give it to your daughter in case your time comes before her eighteenth birthday. Imagine the look in her eyes, receiving a gift from her dead father on the day of attaining maturity. In such a case, it would be prudent to inform the rest of the family of the idea, or your daughter may end up being more fortunate than you’d planned with someone else in the family gifting her another car.

There isn’t a lot of preparation required for this sort of will or testament. This is not the usual financial delineation of property according to hierarchy or favor and hence can be approached with more creativity and freedom, making it an emotional enjoyable affair. What is most important is that the item to be given or the communiqué to be delivered should be kept in the hands of a trustworthy person, someone who is not prone to spilling the beans to the desired recipient.

Wills are generally boring and come with a foreboding sense of doom with signs of litigation plastered large across them. They are always hotly contested and often result in relationships becoming bitter and strained but when used in the above methods, they can be used to stay in touch with loved ones after death and provide quirky entertainment for those souls who watch.

About the writer:
Gemma is an attorney who specializes in wills and last testaments. An unusual attorney, Gemma is armed with a sharp wit which helps her in making the usually mundane world of dead legality a more approachable one. She regularly provides advice on sites such as and helps clients in understanding what wills are and how they work.