Asani – Women Who Sing

ASANI is an Aboriginal women’s trio from Edmonton.  They are Debbie Houle, Sarah Pocklington and Sherryl Sewepagaham.  This circle of First Nations and Metis women have performed across Canada and internationally at such venues as Carnegie Hall in New York, The Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C. and the Saddledome in Calgary.  Their debut CD ‘Rattle… Read more »

The Godmother of Rock & Roll – Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Sister Rosetta Tharpe was born Rosetta Nubin on March 20, 1915, in Cotton Plant, Arkansas. Although the identity of her father is unknown, Tharpe’s mother, Katie Bell Nubin, was a singer, mandolin player and evangelist preacher for the Church of God in Christ; the COGIC, founded by a black Baptist bishop named Charles Mason in… Read more »

Remembering Natalie

American singer-songwriter Natalie Cole, daughter of mid-century crooner Nat King Cole, is best known for her Grammy Award-winning album ‘Inseparable.’ “I never got to make the transition from little girl to young woman … and that really screws you up.” —Natalie Cole Natalie Maria Cole was born on February 6, 1950, to vocal legend Nat… Read more »

Impress Your Guests: Six Must-Haves For Your Holiday Party This Year

    For many of us, throwing fun parties is the best part of the holiday season. It’s a time when your home is decorated and looking beautiful and your friends and family can come over to gather and enjoy each other’s company. To ensure that you impress your guests, here are six must-haves for… Read more »

Looking Gorgeous! 5 Jaw-Dropping Fashion Ideas for Winter

If you’re mourning the loss of your sundresses, tank tops, and sandals, that means it’s time for you to spice up your winter wardrobe. Even if you loathe the winter months, you might find yourself liking them a bit more with a fashionable cold weather wardrobe. Casual for Cool Days Your winter wardrobe doesn’t have… Read more »

Why Women Tend to Excel in Humanities Careers

  Studying human culture shows us some of the most incredible traits of the human race. Small nuances can make or break civilizations, influence countless generations, and result in large and lasting changes. Looking at statistics, women tend to excel in humanities-driven careers. They have an innate sense for paying attention to those smaller things,… Read more »

Fair Wage: Which Careers are Still the Worst Paid for Women?

The topic of fair wages for the sexes has been a hot button issue since the women’s movement in the early 70’s. Activists continue to raise awareness, which has been able to make a small impact, and though women have earned these nominal gains, the fight is ongoing. A New Jersey Harassment Attorney says wage… Read more »

Healthy Diet Tips to Help With Your Weight Loss Plan

    Getting into shape and staying healthy and fit is a worthy goal, one that more people than ever are making a top priority. There are many good reasons to change up your health plan, since maintaining a reasonable level of fitness has been repeatedly shown to help prevent, mitigate, and even reverse the… Read more »

Aging with Grace: Tricks to Make Your Teeth Last You Longer

There are several reasons to hold on to your natural teeth for as long as you can. When you lose your teeth, the body reclaims some of the precious minerals from the area, and you suffer some bone loss from your jaw. In addition, while dentures and tooth implants have come a long way, they… Read more »

Simple Tips for Applying Makeup on Sensitive Skin

Living with sensitive skin requires paying a little more attention to your beauty products and regimen than the average person might have to. People with sensitive skin tend to develop problems when scrubbing too hard, for instance, or applying a new skin product. Read on to learn how to treat your skin well, so it… Read more »

  • Hot Chocolate Friends

    I have several really great women friends.  And, as women, we know that if we have a close female friend, they are a true friend – someone who is tried and true.  We need that support;  we need that love; we need that friendship.  I have a friend in London that I correspond with.  We… Read more »

  • A Natural Way to Reduce Wrinkles

    We have been taught that youth is everything and that young is beautiful.  That means that old is bad and unattractive.  I personally don’t subscribe to such thinking.  I consider myself more beautiful now than ever having grown older and more wiser in my ways. Having said that, I recognize also that our body does… Read more »

  • Telling the Stories of “Obscure” Women

    Tammy Denease Richardson is a living, breathing storyteller.  Not the kind that sits down and reads stories to children, but the kind that becomes the living embodiment of the person she is portraying.  She dresses the part and uses tools and language from the time period of the women she portrays. Here’s her story: Your… Read more »

  • Ahseik Tees – Empowering Women

    Kiesha Tindal – Empowering Women Kiesha Tindal sells more than t-shirts.  She sells a concept – an idea – that “you are incredible. ”  Is it believable?  It should be! A lot of women – young and old – suffer with self-esteem issues.  We are bludgeoned with negative and stereotypes of what women are and… Read more »

  • An Old Pair of Jeans

    Written by Betty Brown   ♣This is for non married couples. When you’re in a relationship and you’re always the one left at home because they want to go visit “their” friends, then… that’s an old pair of jeans. When you’re the one who’s feelings are always put on the back burner just so they… Read more »

  • Nicole – A Young Lady’s Aspirations in Art & Theatre

    Sharing the story of an inspirational young lady – Nicole.  She says that babies and animals become calm around her – it’s got to be true because when you speak to Nicole, you can feel her vibrant spirit and her inspirational energy.   We wanted to share her aspirations and intend to follow her story as it unfolds.  She is a young… Read more »

  • Good Girl Gone Bad

    “Good Girl Gone Bad,” the title of Rihanna’s third album turned out to be more than a motto but a theme. A theme that has echoed thru time and has now returned to the spotlight as high profile, international superstar Rihanna has been affected by it, and that is Domestic Violence. So often, as much… Read more »

  • Moving Forward in A Positive Way – Irene Zamarripa

    Fearlessly she says  “I would do it all over again.   God can get you through anything.” Many of us get to the point where we just can’t continue and some of us even give up.  We go another way, we pursue something different other than what is in our hearts.  We snuff out all of… Read more »

  • Her Crown of Noises

    by Burghelea-Handaric Maria-Daniela It was a regular and typical day. Nothing was special. Sunrays, still play, come and go on my face, without letting me enjoy my morning sleep. I stay still for few minutes with thought that they will go away. Not even close. They continue to come and go, like they are all… Read more »

  • Embrace Your Sister

    This is a letter written by a little sister to her big sister. The women live on different continents and are not related by blood, but by the spirit of oneness. As women, we must embrace each other to help each other to fill in the spaces that leave us wanting and not having and… Read more »

  • Can the Firmness Come Back?

    by Tomaca Govan A 46-year-old woman just asked me if the firmness of the muscle can come back.  Absolutely yes! One of our problems, especially in America, is our sedentary lifestyle.  We sit, sit, sit – at our desks at work and at home in front of the television.  Sure we may do some running… Read more »

  • Looking for Writers

    We seek women writers who want to write or talk about anything and everything that impacts women. We have an easy job of being ourselves, but we have a tough job of nurturing everyone around us and bringing peace and love to the planet.  Only a woman can do that. There is an old saying… Read more »