Top 3 Gifts for the Woman Who Has Never Left Your Side


Submitted by Katie Garbett


Every son should give their mother or mother-in-law a special gift that will let her know just how much she is appreciated. If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what to give Mom, consider giving her an excursion. By choosing an excursion from the following top 3 list you will give a great gift to the one woman that has never left your side: your mother or mother-in-law.


Friends And Family Excursion

Many mothers have a special relative or friend that they would just love to visit, but do not want to spend the money to travel to do so. Giving your mother the gift of an excursion to see that loved one they are missing will be very special to them and something she may have thought that she would ever get the chance to do. They will be able to make many memories on this trip and will have you to thank for it. Remember to check ahead of time with the family or friend that you are wanting Mom to visit to determine what dates will be good. A friends and family gift will prove to be an excursion that any mother or mother-in-law will be thankful to receive.


Pampering Excursionspa


Moms do a lot for everyone, but not themselves. Many don’t ever take the time to stop and relax and let someone else pamper them. A pampering excursion, such as a trip to a spa, will allow them to recharge their batteries and it will show just how much you appreciate them. There are many different types of pampering excursions to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you choose a short excursion such as a day trip or one that involves an overnight stay. The most important part is that Mom is pampered in a way that she will enjoy.


Adventure Trip


Any mother needs a little bit of adventure in her life. An excursion to SONY DSCa new and exciting place will make the perfect gift. When you are trying to figure out which excursion to choose from, think of a place that your mother or mother-in-law might have mentioned in the past that she’d like to go to. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, try to find a place that is close by, but would still be considered adventurous. Skydiving, rock climbing or parasailing can be great choices that are nearby dependent on where Mom lives. Just make sure that your mother or mother-in-law is healthy enough to participate in whatever type of adventure excursion you choose.


In conclusion, the next time you want to give your mother or mother-in-law a gift, consider giving her one of the above excursions. These types of gifts will be appreciated and are a lot more creative than giving a traditional gift. Your gift will not only be fun, but will create many memories that Mom will cherish over her lifetime.


Written by Katie Garbett, a freelance writer and lifestyle explorer. She enjoys sharing her experiences and insights on various lifestyle blogs. Visit for more gift ideas for that special someone in your life.

Tomaca’s Bagging It!

Written by Tomaca Govan

This nice bag was made with Walmart bags.
This nice, chic-looking bag was made with Walmart bags.  (Not sure how many – maybe 30?)

I’m the person at the office who is always advocating recycling  plastic bags.  I set up a deposit location in the office and personally take responsibility for bringing the bags to the grocery store for recycling.  It’s one of my pet peeves because it’s so very wasteful to use plastic bags for shopping.   Of course, I don’t.

One day I was doing some research on the recycling process and came across website after website that showed what people were making from plastic bags by crocheting and weaving.  I was so happy to see that people were using their own, basic ingenuity (and artistic talents) to turn plastic bags into things that are reusable and long lasting.

The bug bit me and I started making my own crafts.  The first thing I made was this really nice bag from Walmart bags.  They were easy to come by because I went into Walmart and asked for their recycled plastic bags.  I walked out of their with dozens of bags!

After I made my first bag, I went and showed it to the ladies at Walmart at the customer service desk and they were so impressed, they gave me more bags.  Now, all I have to do is show up and they start digging out the bags.  One woman even offered to set them aside for me everyday.

plastic-hat-bagThis was the first time I ever made a hat of any kind.  I started it, watched it form and tried to make sure I was putting in enough stitches and reducing the right amount of stitches to make it shape properly.  I had to pull the stitches out and restart at least three times before I got it right – but, I got it right and the hat is really chic looking.  I added a white ribbon and it’s good to go now.   Together, they look very classy, and the finished products are very, very sturdy.  You would NEVER know these used to be plastic Walmart bags!

This would be a nice business for someone who wanted to make these and sell them on the internet or at craft fairs.  There are a variety of colors available with plastic bags, so the color combinations can be quite diverse.

Okay ladies – get out your crochet hooks and start gathering plastic bags, making your “plarn” and get busy.  Make sure you teach your children, your friends and others how to do this.  Then share your creations with us.  We would love to inspire others.

–  Tomaca


Here’s a how-to for making what’s called “plarn” (plastic yarn):


Here are some other very creative ideas that involve crocheting and plastic:



The more reusing we do, the less this happens:




plastic-in-oceanplastic-stuck  plastic-in-bird

Plastic is causing a growing dilemma on our planet.  If you do a google search, you can see the kind of harm it is causing in our oceans and on our lands.  There is an actual “plastic island” floating around the world:

Animals don’t know the difference between plastic and the food they think they are eating.  They are dying by the hundreds.  Fish that ingest plastic end up on our dinner tables when they are captured by fishing companies.

Please do some research and share it with your children, your neighbors, your facebook friends and anyone else you can think of.  Then discuss AND implement things that we can do differently to prevent further harm and to reduce the damage that has been done.

For starters, DO NOT use plastic bags any more.  They should be banned at this point given what we know about the harm they cause.  Reusable bags make sense on every level.

Human beings are very creative creatures.  We can come up with ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.  What are some of your suggestions?


Gizmo, the Wonder “Doglet” & His Mom

We’re talking to JenniferAdams,who is Gizmo’s handler, but we like to think of her as his “People Mom.”  We asked her to tell us the story about Gizmo the Wonder Doglet, the tiny little dog with a huge, healing heart.  She walks us through their journey together.



gizpspWhere did Gizmo come from? How did the two of you meet?

After my 19 year old therapy dog dachshund (Mr. Moxie) passed away, I searched several shelters to adopt another dog to follow in his footsteps. However, I was repeatedly turned away for various reasons such as not having a fenced yard, etc. Meanwhile, I was researching small breeds that make good therapy dogs, and Gizmo’s breed kept popping up. I had never heard of his breed before. Then a short time later I was in a doctor’s office, and the classifieds were open to the pet section on the table next to me. I saw a picture of an adorable little black and white puppy and took a closer look. It was the breed that I kept coming across in my research, of all things! So I called the number, did more research and discovered this was a reputable breeder, and picked him up the next day. As soon as I saw him, I said, “There’s my dog!” The rest is history.

Did you have an interest in providing therapy to people through an animal previously, or was this an idea that occurred because of your new acquaintance with Gizmo?

gizcitationBefore Gizmo I had a miniature dachshund named Mr. Moxie, who went to schools with me all over the country. The difference Mr. Moxie made in so many young lives is remarkable. Kids who never wrote before suddenly started writing letters, and even books, about Moxie. Owies were healed, tears were dried, anger dissipated and love prevailed, all because of him. Before he passed away at the ripe old age of 19, I promised him I would find another canine angel to continue his legacy.

What about him led you to believe that he should be a therapy dog and how did you and he get started?

I think the deciding moment came when we were walking in the woods one day. Gizzy was less than a year old. There was a teenage boy sitting off the trail a ways, leaning against a tree by himself. Gizmo confidently walked gizctcatover to him and sat at his side until the boy started petting him. Then Gizzy climbed on his lap. I called Gizmo back, but he simply would not budge. So I stayed in the area to keep an eye on him as I continued walking my other dog, Cooper. That’s when we met a woman on the trail. She identified herself as the boy’s mother and explained to us that the boy had just lost his father, and was inconsolable. It was clear that Gizmo knew just how to console him. Since then, Gizmo has shown his gift for sensing emotional need and seeking people out who need him. It’s really quite stunning to watch him sometimes!

How does he help people in his therapy work? What does he do for them?

Gizmo, like all therapy dogs, has a soothing effect on those around him. People seem to be drawn to his friendly, nonjudgmental, loving nature. He has been shown to lower blood pressure while turning frowns upside down! Many times he has motivated residents in a senior living environment to eat, get out of bed, converse, and laugh. He has motivated school-aged children to read, write, and commit random acts of kindness. He is an outlet for many of them to vent when they’re angry or cry to when they’re sad. I will never forget the day a sulking boy stomped into my office and exclaimed, “I have GOT to get this off my mind! Can I PLEASE speak with Gizmo in private?” I stepped right outside the door and watched him as he held Gizmo close and whispered into his ear for several minutes. Then he gently placed Gizzy back onto his blanket, stepped out the door, smiled at me, turned and said, “Thanks, Giz. I’m going to have a good day now, I hope you have a good day too!” and went on his merry way to class.gizallstars

Gizmo’s Frens page on facebook has over 11,000 people, which is remarkable. How long have the two been doing this work?

Our page, Gizmo’s Frens, has been active since December, 2012. Our nonprofit, Gizmo’s Frens, Inc., has been in existence since August, 2012. Through this, we raise awareness of charitable causes and great things happening in our community. Gizmo’s FB page is a great catalyst for this. Some people refer to Gizmo’s Frens FB page as “a channel for positive news” and a colleague stated, “Gizmo is like a lens – through him we see good in the world.” If it were just me out there saying, “Hey look at this wonderful group helping their neighbors!” people would probably be all, “Oh ok that’s nice.” But when Gizmo gets on with a picture of himself and a group of people helping their neighbors and says, “Look! These people are helping their excellent neighbors today!” the response seems much greater! J

What kind of places do the two of you go to and what do you do there?

That’s a loaded question! We go to all kinds of places, for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes we go to places where Gizmo is needed as a therapy dog, like The Village at Buckland Court assisted living community in South Windsor, where he has been visiting on a regular basis since he was a puppy. Sometimes we are at Gizmo’s “excellent high school”, where he works as a therapy dog and is a mascot for their website. Sometimes we just go out and attend events in the community to draw people to the event and to support great causes and other peoples’ efforts to make the world a better place. Sometimes we just show up where we catch people being kind…like an Eagle Scout candidate working on his project or a group of kids helping an elderly woman by cleaning up her yard. And sometimes we are fundraising for our nonprofit, through which we assist many other charities by donating 100% of our proceeds to others. Wherever we go, it always seems we are somehow just where we are meant to be.gizwcgcl

Talk about his nonprofit situation. When did that come about and what is the purpose of it?

The mission of Gizmo’s Frens, Inc. is to raise awareness and funds for charities. Gizmo has always attracted a lot of attention. I wanted to do something good with his rising popularity, to paw it forward for all those angels who spend their lives helping so many. I approached some pet store managers and asked if we could fundraise for rescues. I was told over and over that in order to fundraise, we needed to be a nonprofit. So I finally decided if we need to be a nonprofit in order to make a difference in this capacity, then a nonprofit we shall be! Today we are blessed to be able to raise awareness and funds on a regular basis for a number of charitable causes at Pet Supplies Plus and Wicked Chic, both in Manchester. We are at Wicked Chic, located at 687 Main Street, every Thursday from 6 to 8. Visitors are welcome to come out and meet Gizmo and browse the beautiful, unique items available inside the store. We are still in the process of having 501(c)3 status, so we are well on our way to being able to affect change for many, many more pet rescues and other charitable organizations such as food pantries and organizations that help at risk youth.

What are Gizmo’s future plans? What’s up and coming?gizgratitudejarcloseface

Gizmo has always just gone where the road leads him. We have no specific plans at this time, other than to trust that the people who cross our paths are there for a reason, and we will be just where we are meant to be. A production company (Hudson Street Productions) has been filming at some of his events, and a made for public television documentary (with plans for a future series) is being created as we speak. They plan on filming over the course of a whole year, so look for the release in the next year or 2!

Geri Jones wrote a poem about Gizmo and included it in her new book. How did she and Gizmo meet?

Geri Jones is a perfect example of how people come into our lives when and where they are meant to. We both drive MINI Coopers, and as such, we are on some MINI forums. While we never knew each other on the forums, some other people (from all over the country) mentioned to both of us that we should meet. Then I found out she lives within driving distance, so on July 4 of I don’t remember the year, we met Geri, to help her celebrate her first 4th of July as a US citizen. I knew right away what a super special soul she is because Gizmo was unusually enthusiastic about her presence! To this day, he still dances and marfs whenever she visits.

Where can we buy Gizmo Frens t-shirts?gizdrcbunnyears

Gizmo shirts are not for sale. Rather, they are given in exchange for a donation to Gizmo’s Frens, Inc. 100% of the donation is in turn donated to other charities. We have even given shirts to people who have donated directly to their favorite charities! For us, it’s not about the money. It’s about assisting those who assist others. For more information, contact us on Gizmo’s FB page at

He’s such an adorable little “doglet.” Will people be able to buy stuffed toy Gizmos for themselves at some point?

Yes. We are currently looking into a prototype that, when squeezed, says, “Cuz we’re frens!”, which is Gizmo’s motto, and the reason why he does everything he does. If anyone reading this would be interested in helping to create a prototype, please contact

Is there anything else that Gizmo would like to say to our readers?


Gizmo has 4 toy-sized “frens” (Nina, Lacey, Lilly and Cooper) who visit the assisted living community and make community appearance with him as needed. If anyone would like a visit from Gizmo or his PFF frens, they are welcome to contact us on our FB page ( or email We are willing to provide animal assisted therapy, or we can come out to an event to support a charitable cause, which we will promote on Gizmo’s Facebook page. All of our visits/appearances are free of charge. Cuz we’re frens!

Visit  Gizmo’s FaceBook Fan Page


Superwoman Does Not Exist


 Submitted by Susan J. Smith, B.Sc.

Both sexes are overly stressed by life. Yes, a bit of short term stress is quite stimulating. Prolonged or frequent stress becomes debilitating.  I regularly find myself saying “superwoman does not exist” to female clients who wonder why they can’t cope when they are working in a demanding full time job, trying to be a ‘good’ mother and wife and cook and housekeeper, etc. Male stress is significant in the western world too but men don’t seem to be trying to do it all! And be perfect at it all as well! Nor culturally, in my opinion, are they under the same pressure to do it all.


Here’s what I’ve learned about stress – you get stressed when you perceive you cannot easily meet the demands placed upon you. That is why one person gets stressed when someone else does not – even in the same circumstance.


stressStress can affect young or old, working or not – it may be that you are in a difficult situation at home, school, or in the workplace. If the difficulty is that you feel over-extended then do say that you feel it is all too much. You might feel out of control by admitting this but if you try to go on doing it all you can collapse under the overload and how does that improve anyone’s quality of life? Work at letting go of unrealistic expectations regarding commitments, time pressures.


Practice saying “no” more often – people will actually respect you more and if they don’t and they try to bully you back into old behavior you need to get out or seek help. If you are being bullied at home, school or work do tell someone and ask them to help you find ways of changing the situation.


When you don’t feel you can cope you can get physical, emotional and behavioral responses which are important to recognize so that you start taking action to change the situation. In my experience stress gets more debilitating the longer it goes on.


My simple understanding is that what happens is your body starts to prepare to flee, fight or freeze up (like a rabbit caught in car headlights). Once you perceive a situation is overly demanding your nerve impulses stimulate you to produce chemicals (adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol). These then circulate in your blood and organs and the cells in your body and get it ready to act. My observation is that this isn’t too bad if you are in need of this stimulation and can do something – run, hit out, etc. When you can’t act those chemicals don’t disperse/get used up and they hang around in your body. The analogy that clients have understood most easily is that you feel like a coiled spring. The other example I use is that stress is like having the petrol pedal in a car stuck in the open position so that petrol (the stress chemicals) is coming through without the car moving – the engine is revving and has nowhere to go – prolonged revving will wear the car parts (human body) out!  Understanding stress is a life skill needed by everyone.


Chronically stressful situations can eventually, in my opinion, be life threatening as they appear to weaken the immune system which can lead to ill health and deterioration. Take stress seriously, please.  Here are some of the signs of stress-related burnout that were traditionally associated with the workplace and can actually be associated with school and homemaking too:-fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, forgetfulness, passivity and withdrawal, that “I can’t be bothered” feeling. Some of the other signs that you are stressed are if you notice you are having more arguments than usual, struggling to make decisions/concentrate, feeling impatient or are procrastinating. Are you eating, drinking or smoking cigarettes more or less than usual? Please pay attention if someone is saying that this is what they perceive as it is sometimes difficult for you to recognize the stress when you are the one living with it!


If you are trying to be perfect you may fear criticism or have a fear of failure and it drives you harder than necessary and creates more stress. Do you underestimate the time required to do a task? Do you tend to dominate conversations or see other people as adversaries without any real evidence that they are? Are you rigid about punctuality? All signals that you need to examine your stress levels!


Times to be extra gentle with yourself are when change occurs:

• Accidents

• Bereavement

• Pregnancy

• Redundancy

• Job change

• Retirement

• Loss of a friendship/relationship

• Ill health in yourself or loved one

• When being bullied (as an adult or child)

• Financial loss or gain


You can seek medicine from the doctor like beta-blockers for anxiety. If employed, discuss with the doctor if it is appropriate for you to take some time off work to rest and reflect.


If you can’t get rid of the stress at least manage it. Lavender oil, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, physical exercise like walking in the woods (and do try tree hugging when no one is looking!), gardening or any other gentle activity can all help. I once had a client

who thought he was helping himself by playing rugby which is a tough, physical contact sport. What it was actually doing was revving his stress up more so do be gentle with your mind and body.


Dr. Chandra Patel’s book is my favorite because not only does it give you the ability to understand stress, it gives you solutions! I believe everyone needs to read her ‘Complete Guide to Stress Management’ or find a stress management manual that you can enjoy. We would change the world if we all managed our stress more effectively! I would make this learning part of school curriculum worldwide if I had my way!


If as a child you learned to face stress triggers in a direct way you will see them as a challenge to overcome and use that to strengthen your ability to cope. If you were not taught that your coping skills will be letting you down so do read ‘Helping Children Cope with Stress’ by Avis Brenner. It will help you even now to learn about coping differently.


Other coping skills include:

Looking at the reality of a situation and not ‘burying your head in the sand’ – do not avoid, deny or try to escape into fantasy – the situation will not get resolved that way!

Write down your positive and negative feelings and don’t try to suppress those negative feelings. Look at what you have written down and find a way to break the situation into smaller segments that will be easier to manage. Deal with them one bit at a time so that you do not feel  so overwhelmed – getting yourself frozen into inactivity.

Ask someone to help you look at the situation that is causing the distress. If you believe there is no one within your family or friends who can be constructive seek counseling so that you have a safe space to discuss this.  Learn to pace yourself and not get tired – everything feels worse when you are exhausted.


Try increasing your relaxation time – this is not selfish – everyone needs some time for themselves in order to be able to cope in the world.


Try broadening your interests or activities so that your mind has something else to think about for a short period – this is not for as long as the avoidance behaviors mentioned earlier!


Know that after a bit of a break you are more likely generate a creative solution.


Try cultivating new habits:

Change the language you use – eliminate words such as ‘should’, ‘must’, ‘ought’. Insert into your self-talk and stressfreeconversations phrases like “I could choose to…”, “I can say no”,

“I prefer…”

Increase self-nurturing like long warm baths or what ever makes you feel good.

Take the time to eat breakfast, lunch and an evening meal without rushing!

Go to a dietician or nutritional therapist to improve food/nutrient uptake.

Cutting out street drugs.

Cut out alcohol (it only creates the illusion of relaxation).

Cut out cigarettes.

Cut out any other addictions like shopping, gambling, overworking.


Most importantly start treating yourself as you would an honored guest!


One way to reduce stress is to gain the knowledge/skills that will allow you to deal with a situation differently. Self-awareness and personal insight helps you cope by understanding what triggers your own stress and that gives you the chance to make changes. Create a balanced life style – work, rest and play. See my chapter ‘Worry Doesn’t Fix Anything’ in my book Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth for self hypnosis. Positive self-talk/affirmations are included in my chapter ‘Create Your Future Now!’ (in Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth).


Do you get flashbacks to an event that was unpleasant? Are nightmares a recurrent problem? Go to your GP for a diagnosis and seek help immediately if Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is present.  Child abuse, adult rape, domestic violence, and accidents like car crashes can all create PTSD so check it out. Post Combat Stress (as in returning from a war zone) affects the lives of women too and professional help needs to be sought, whether you are the military person or living with one. Don’t delay.


Pomes By Jones





Geri Jones is a Wordsmith – gifted in the art of words and rhyme.  She has just published her first book of poetry and tell us about it, herself and her craft.


pomesbyjonesGeri, first off, your new book is an absolute visual delight.  Wonderful work with tying the into the poetry and the color selection for each page.  Did you do the layout and select the and colors yourself?


Pretty much yes.  A dear friend of mine painted the cover picture.  She is a great artist and has such great energy and she came up with the perfect picture for the book.   I picked out the photos from various photos I had taken myself – mostly limited by needing photos with a big enough resolution to make them quality pictures at that size.  There are also six photos which are from a photographer friend of mine who offered that I choose any pictures from her albums.  After that, I asked the book designers for colorful pages which blended in with the photos.  What you see in the book is the result – I was thrilled with the colors and the contrasting side borders they created.  I also asked that the color from the front be blended around to the back of the book.   I wrote the whole part about myself on the back of the book too – I just answered the questions and this is what flowed out!


Who is your audience for this publication?


Pretty much anyone who would like to have their spirits lifted and also ultimately to be inspired to help humanity to return to who we really are, and that is loving, giving, co-operative souls who love our home, Planet Earth.  Anyone can understand these messages – from youngsters to the elderly.  There are no cryptic messages, it is all plain to see the message.


Why did you create this book?  What was the purpose behind it?


The purpose is to get my message out.  As I mentioned above, humanity really is a loving, giving, co-operative race who love our home, Planet Earth.   I believe that we really do not need to fight amongst ourselves and that there is a peaceful way around every issue.   I also believe that we are currently going through a vibrational change and that once everyone awakens, we can start to live the dreamed for Heaven on Earth life.


We expect this is your first of many publications to come, is it not?heavenonearth


Yes indeed – I have so much more in me to put out as messages of love and light!


Were you the student who got all A’s in English and poetry classes?


Errrrr . . . . . . .  no!  In fact, I failed English Language and English Literature the first time around!!  (And only barely passed the second time!!!)


Not everyone can rhyme artistically – make rhymes that make sense, etc. – why are you so good at it?


It’s interesting – it feels like it is something easy and that surely everyone could do it. But I guess they cannot!  It seems to just happen naturally – I suppose it is something that is known as a gift.  As well as having the ability to shuffle words around to make the last ones in each line rhyme, I have some sort of sense of rhythm which makes the timing work in the rhythm.


Where are you from originally? 


I was born in Bath, England which is in the south west corner of the British Isles.


Did where you grew up and the things around you at that time have anything to do with developing your skills as a poet?


Bath is a very beautiful city with a lot of historic beauty what with the architecture.  The area is beautiful and there are some famed writers from Bath, Jane Austin for one.  However, for the years I lived there, I believed I had no gifts or talents whatsoever.  I left Bath at age 19 and haven’t lived there other than for visits, since.  I am now 52.  My gift didn’t appear until I was into my forties, so I don’t really think where I came from had anything much to do with developing my skills!!


You offer services to write “pomes” for people for special occasions.  How much information does someone need to give you in order to write such a pome? 


I ask people to write a paragraph or two saying exactly what they want to say to the person that the pome is for.   I say, write it from your heart, what do you want to say.  I then take it and twirl the words around (adding a few to make it rhyme) and the pome appears.   I have an example on my website showing the paragraph someone wrote of she would like to say to her sister, and you can then see the result.  It is on the ‘order’ page.


What is your approach like?  How do you write such a thing?


I read through the paragraph(s) from the requesting person and pick out the key points. and then a combination of my brain and my spiritual or Higher Self, create the rest of it!!   I’m not really sure how I do it, it just happens once I put out the intention.


Is your approach different when you write a company slogan than when writing pomes?


Yes, somewhat I think.  When there isn’t so much human emotion involved (not to say there is none for a company slogan), I guess I use more of my intellect to create the slogan, but still I get help from my higher self.  Often, this sort of work takes longer.  I tend to need more information for this sort of project.


Where does your inspiration come from?  Some people need to go to a quiet place, some don’t.  Just curious about how you do what you do.  Are the words just there for you or do you have to search for them in order to manifest the phrases in your mind?  If you can, describe your creative process.


I do have to be in a very quiet area.  My home is such a place, but I also can go to a cabin or resort in the mountains or countryside somewhere to write.  When I am writing a Pome, such as the ones in the book, I decide on a title or a subject matter and put out the intention to The Universe.  Many times, without a whole lot of thought, the Pome is suddenly there in front of me.  I always use pencil and write in my creation book.  I have always written best using a pencil – and sharpener!!  Nothing new and fangled in the way of technology here!!   Many times, I barely need to change a word once it is written. Often times, a four verse Pome can be written in as little as 20 – 30 minutes!!  Occasionally less!!  As mentioned above, the ones for people’s birthdays and weddings etc, take a little thought to know the important points, etc. before getting started whereas these healing/spiritual/inspirational ones, come right from my Higher Self.


What’s in the future?  Are there more books, will there be pomes to music, greeting cards…?  What do we have to look forward to next?


Haha – I have some ideas alright.  I think another book in time.  Definitely Pomes to music are on the cards.  A musician friend of mine keeps saying we must do some to music – when the time is right, it will happen.  I also have been creating a few posters – pictures with Pomes written over them and in simple frames – short encouraging/inspirational Pomes which could be hung on any wall.   I also recently wrote a couple of short ones for a Wedding and an Anniversary – not personalized – so it can be sold in a gift shop to someone who wants a unique gift for friends.   Greeting cards are also a possibility.  I was talking to an artist at a networking meeting a short while ago and we thought maybe we could collaborate in making some beautiful cards as gifts.   The possibilities are unlimited really!!


geri-and-gizHow did you  meet Gizmo the Wonderdoglet?  What made you write a pome especially for him?

That’s another funny story!  I met Jen – Gizmo’s assistant/driver/carer/dogsbody; Jen, because of our cars!!  We both drive MINI Coopers and we met originally on a MINI forum, then connected on Facebook.  Soon, we realized that we lived less than 2 hours apart (many of our MINI friends live in far away places such as Florida, California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Virginia, Georgia, etc., etc. and we don’t often get to meet up).  Once we realized that it was possible to drive to meet up, we made a plan to meet up on 4th July 2010.   The rest is history – we became firm friends fast and when Jen and Gizmo came to visit me at the farm where I live, and where I take care of horses, Giz met my favorite horse Chippee and THEY became firm friends!!  Such a wonderful friendship we all have!!!!

Here is a POME I wrote about a wonderful doglet who goes visiting people to brighten up their days! (WMTS Note: Gizmo is a therapy dog who happens to have over 11,000 fans on facebook!)

Gizmo, Wonder Doglet
Gizmo is a doglet with such epic depth.
Small in stature, but high in strong strength
Of character and will power, and love and joy,
He really is one extraordinary boy!

Those who meet him can’t help but say,
“Oh my goodness, you just made my day!”
One heck of a giving spirit indeed,
What more could a person ever want or need?

As “Wonder Doglet” he is sometimes known,
And so many friends, they now have grown,
To understand what it is to give.
Gizzy’s example is to give, love and live!

Gizzy, Gizmo, Wonder Doglet,
In my life, I simply have not met,
Any other such creature so wise, yet so small,
You are the mightiest fellow of all!


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Male or Female Doctor? Find the Best Doctor for You


Submitted by Annette Hazard


Finding the right doctor can be a frustrating and challenging venture. As a woman, you might be wondering whether to choose a male or female doctor and what to even look for when you are searching for one. In order to get the best care possible, you need to feel completely comfortable with the doctor you’re going to. If you do not feel comfortable, you are bound to keep things to yourself and to not discuss major health issues or problems that you have been having because you are either embarrassed or nervous.


If you are a woman who is looking for a doctor, whether it be a dentist or a general practitioner of medicine, you need to decide who you would feel more comfortable with. If you are going to your doctor and will be discussing personal medical problems you’re having, think about the possibility of talking to a man about these issues. Female doctors can often be more understanding of certain problems you’re having as a woman because first, they are women and secondly, they may have dealt some of the  same issues you are experiencing.  Male doctors sometimes do not know what their female patients are going through because they cannot directly relate.  They have to rely on their knowledge of medicine, the knowledge of their colleagues and experiences with other patients.



As stated before, you also need to feel completely comfortable with the doctor. You might decide that a female doctor is right for you and then you go to the office and do not feel comfortable in the slightest while being examined. The personality of the doctor is a lot more important than the gender of the doctor you are going to see. You should feel comfortable with the doctor so that you are able to open up about certain problems you’re having without feeling nervous or ashamed in the slightest.


Your Personal Life Issues

A good doctor is going to help you deal with more than your physical health.  He or she will also ask about your life style and life issues.  How much stress you are under is always a critical factor in evaluating and treating health concerns.  Emotional stress is a contributing factor to dis-ease in the body.  Overuse of any drugs, including alcohol or cigarettes, needs to be addressed and talked about.  Stressful home and/or work situations must be addressed if being healthy is a goal.  Not that your doctor can “fix” those things for you, but if they you make them aware of such things, they can make referrals for you.

Seeing a a physician who stops and takes the time to ask these important questions and then incorporates those things into your personal assessment is important.   They can direct you to other facilities and doctors for stress and emotional related issues, if that’s something you need.

Who Will You Choose?

Whether you’re looking for the best birmingham dentists or you need a gynecologist for women’s health issues, the doctor you choose is an important and vital decision. Many women will only go to female doctors because of that compassionate and understanding value they have. Other women tend to like going to male doctors because of other factors that come into play. Just remember to find a doctor you feel completely comfortable with and who also has a lot of knowledge of medicine and health. Just because you only want to see a female doctor does not mean there are no male doctors out there who would be perfect for you and your health issues.


Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that writes about home and family.

Update on Amy – Learning A New Skill


barbara-bestIn November 2011, we did a story on Amy.  She was recently laid off from her job.  One of her neighbors taught her  how to knit to help pass the time as she looked for a new job.  Well, she’s been knitting away and honed her skills.  She started making scarves for family members.  Suddenly where was a demand for an “Amy Scarf” from people who had seen them on other people.   So, Amy’s been busy.   She’s also sells her scarves at various craft fairs.   She just took the plunge and opened up an on-line store at  She named the store after her grandmother to honor her.

Even though it’s presently summertime, winter’s sure to come.  You may want to shop early!



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