Giving A Room A New Look



Sometimes we get tired of how a room looks, but our budget doesn’t allow us to go out and buy new furniture.  What are some of the choices?


It is said that rearranging your furniture breaks up and changes the energy in the room and in the house in a positive way.  So move it around and change your energy!


As you can take the time to redefine things in your house, you are also reviving you because the outside reflects the inside.   Everything has energy and when you walk into a room, you bring your energy into what is already there.   So create a room that you love to walk into and enjoy the vibration!


Some people are fans of grabbing things off the street (there are some really nice pieces out there!) and bringing them home.  A clean up, painting or stripping and staining can do amazing things to old pieces of furniture.   If you seek a new look, you can take the time to make one.


Give your room life!  Plants can revive a room, give it a new look and literally give it life.  They can be small, medium sized or large.  But, tastefully placed plants add vibrancy and natural coloring.  Look into “living walls,” which are plants set up in containers that are designed to hang on the wall.


coachOkay, so you’ve moved your furniture around, perhaps you added a few pieces that you found.  Plants gave new life also.   How about reupholstering your furniture?  If you can afford it, you can really get that new look that you’ve wanted.  But, if you can’t afford to have it done and are not a person who sews, the alternative is to invest in nice Slipcover Furniture custom made by ClubFurniture.

Don’t forget a new coat of paint in a nice color can really pull everything together.




Honoring Ella Jenkins

Children are her favorite people. Ella Jenkins sees them as genuine, down to earth people who should be listened to and recognized as having much to offer.  Fellow music educator Patricia Sheehan Campbell lauds her as “a pioneer in her early and continuing realization that children have something to sing about, that the essence of who they are may be expressed through song, and that much of what they need to know of their language, heritage, and current cultural concepts may be communicated to them through song.”

Through her songs, she hopes to develop greater intercultural understanding and rhythmic-consciousness, and to help people discover the joy of singing and communicating through active participation in songs.

Jenkins’ repertoire includes nursery rhymes, holiday songs, bilingual songs, African-American folk songs, international songs, rhythmic chants, and original songs. Drawing from cultures all over the world, she sings in many languages, exposing her audiences to diverse cultures and promoting greater cultural awareness.

Through call and response singing, Jenkins promotes group participation.  This began in Africa. Call-and-response singing involves a leader or leaders singing a phrase and the participants responding with another phrase.  Her goal was to break barriers between audience and performer, and turns everyone into a performer. By encouraging active participation, she promotes the development of a warm group feeling, cooperation among the participants, greater attentiveness, an enjoyment of singing, and a desire to sing. She also encourages children to lead songs, make up their own variations of songs, and experiment with fun and silly sounds. This allows children to think independently, develop leadership skills, and improvise, resulting in increased self-confidence.

In helping children discover music and participate in its creation, Jenkins provides them with a new tool of communication that they can use and enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Ella Jenkins, “The First Lady of Children’s Music, has received numerous awards during her lifetime.  In September of 2015, a park was named in her honor.  Ella Jenkins Park is one of her these many awards that have been bestowed upon her.

To the audience’s delight, at the dedication ceremony, she performed performed “Jambo”  and  “Did You Feed My Cow.”

Music is everything.  If you are going to listen to music, you should listen with the best equipment so that you can hear very sound in great detail.  When you use cheap speakers and cheap earbuds, you are missing out on a lot.  The  eon515xt is an excellent choice.

Congratulations again to Ms. Ella Jenkins and thank you so much for the hundreds of songs that you created and brightened children’s lives with over the decades!





How You Can Make A Difference In Kids’ Lives Around The World From Your Home



Many children around the world are suffering and struggling. Some of them do not have clean water to drink, and others do not have access to housing, clothing or education. When you want to make a difference from your home, you can certainly take steps to accomplish that goal.

Raise Money to Donate through Online Sales

With all of the platforms for selling items online these days, you can certainly find at least one that is suitable for you. Begin by going through items in your home to see what you can put up for sale. You may also have skills in a particular craft, and you can sell these items online. Let buyers know that all of, or a certain percentage of, the sales will go to children in need.

Donate Money

You don’t need to have a sale to donate money. Look into foundations, like this one by Gary Young, that help raise money for children in need. Some people decide to make lump sum donations, and others choose to donate smaller amounts on a regular basis. Select foundations and charities where a large percentage of the money goes to children in needs so that you can make sure these youngsters are receiving the funds.

Teach or Tutor Online

Another way to directly connect with these children is to offer free or low-cost teaching or tutoring services. You would need to connect with an entity that provides internet connectivity for these youngsters. Children who are living in poverty-stricken areas generally do not have access to the internet on an at-will basis. Another idea is to connect with a school that does not have adequate resources. If even just one system is established, lessons could be projected onto the screen for the children to watch.

Sponsor a Child

When you are interested in getting to know the specific child whom you are assisting, consider sponsoring a child. You can make a certain amount of donation on a regular basis to this particular child. In return, you’ll receive updates on the child. This relationship can really grow, and you may have a personal connection with the child whom you sponsor. You can take on this responsibility from your home.

Host a Drive

Use the power of social media to let individuals know that you are taking up a collection for children in need. Consider contacting a particular charity or organization to find out what ideas are needed the most. For example, you may take up a drive for clothing during the cold months or for school supplies when youngsters return to their classes. The specific needs are going to depend upon the part of the world where the children are living. If you want, you can go to people’s houses to pick up their donations, but you can also ask them to drop these goods off to you. Once you have assembled the goods, send them to the children. You may want to take up a collection at a certain time of the year, such as Christmas.

Spread Awareness

One major problem with these struggles is that so many people do not even know they exist. They don’t recognize how many kids are living in squalor and how many of them do not have a place to call home. Use the internet, whether through social media campaigns or emails, to let people know about what is happening. By raising awareness, you can encourage other individuals to participate in your efforts too.


When you want to help children from your own home, you have many options available. These options can help you truly reach out to those who are in need.



White Wedding? How to Add More Color to a Traditional Tux Look

White Wedding How to Add More Color to a Traditional Tux Look 3

Any season can be wedding season. Most of the time the bride’s dress gets all the attention, but the groom’s tuxedo is the garment that pulls the whole wedding party look together. Even if you both chose white as the base wedding party color, you can still achieve a vibrant look that has style!

Say Yes to the Vest
Adding a vest to your tuxedo is a no-brainer. Adding a vest with some flair takes you to another level. Play off the wedding party’s colors by having the vest a softer hue of the accent color, or take it bold and make the tie the same color too. Using a pocket square in the corresponding color as opposed to flowers brings the look to a sophisticated finish.
White Wedding How to Add More Color to a Traditional Tux Look 1
Let It Sizzle
Maybe white is the only color pallet for the Big Day. That doesn’t mean you can’t play it up. Push the envelope with metallic accents. Opt for a silver hued vest, or even gold! Introducing metallic accents makes your tuxedo modern, and keeps the taste level high. Still a little nervous? Select a jacket with a simple metallic accent along the lapel. Against the solid white of the rest of the suit, this touch plays with the eye and does not overwhelm.

Pure as the Driven Snow
Go all in and stay white from head to toe! Staying crisp and clean means the cut of your suit and the fit of your pants needs to be precise. There is no room for error in a suit that magnifies any misstep. Make sure your look stays smooth by wearing some of the best men’s undershirts like ones from UnderFit. Your underwear should move with your body and stay tucked in all day. If you are going to commit to white, make sure it counts.

Bond, James Bond
You can never go wrong with a classic. White jacket and shirt, black tie and pants; these are the components of a tried and true classic. Carry this look with confidence as you dance into the evening with the one you love!

Going white is a bold statement on your wedding day. Allow your personality to shine through with a splash of color, the right cut, and a perfect fit. Keeping the pallet pure while keeping your style intact is easy when working with white. Enjoy the challenge and step into your married life in white!


Super Frugal Ways to Save on Your Interior Decorating

Super Frugal Ways to Save on Your Interior Decorating 1

Whether it’s your first apartment, or it’s time to overhaul the house you’ve owned for 20 years, interior decorating can get pricey. Designers can charge hundreds of dollars, and finished artwork can be higher priced than your budget can bear. If you want to redecorate on a shoestring budget you can do much of the work yourself and save yourself tons of money. Here are some ideas to spark your creativity and get designing on your own terms and budget.

Browse Consignment Shops and Thrift Stores

Everything from furniture to artwork can be found at second-hand stores. Look at the home section and work from there. Don’t forget to check out the bedding and the ladies’ dresses areas for fabrics that can be repurposed. For example, you can cut up a frumpy dress made of gorgeous material to cover throw pillows. A fine lace table cloth can be used to make window sheers, or a decorative throw over your head board. Second-hand shops can also supply you with ready-made art you may not be able to find elsewhere, ranging from hand-carved wooden items, to canvasses by obscure or unknown artists. It’s a great place to pick up unique pieces no one else will have, and build the rest of your design around them.

Check the Remnant and Outlet Store for Flooring

Cute little throw rugs or whole-room area rugs can be incredibly expensive. However, carpet remnants often have the edges bound and are sold as rugs of all sizes. Area rugs with even tiny flaws also end up for sale at outlets. After all, if the flaw in the weaving will be under your sofa, will it really bother you? Others may appear perfect and you won’t be able to detect the flaw at all.

Channel Your Own Craftiness
Pinterest and other Internet resources are full of step-by-step instructions on how to make your own decorative art projects. A trip to the craft store will save you a ton of money, and you can use your preferred colors and materials to make it truly unique. Whether you need wall art for the spare bedroom, or a quirky shelving idea for the bathroom, DIY options are fun and easy on your budget.

Make Your Own Window Treatments
You can easily make curtains and Roman shades, and even more ambitious projects like swags and valances are easy to drape yourself. Create the perfect curtain match to new Sunburst shutters from Las Vegas and browse ideas online and use items from the craft store to make your own decor. You can even create your own hardware for less than you’d pay for curtain rods. Use your imagination and look for online tutorials to guide you in the process.

Shop the Local Art Fair

Many cities and towns hold a fair or showcase to allow local artists to gain visibility and sell their wares. Sculpture, pottery, needlework, carvings, and paintings are usually available in a wide range of artistic styles and can help add visual interest to your space. If you decide to haggle with an artist, don’t forget that some supplies can be very expensive and that time and skill is worth money, too. Plus the expense may be worth supporting your local school, alum, or state programs.

Check out Garage and Estate Sales

These types of sales can be a great place to find art and furnishings, in addition to a host of other useful household items. Often, the items for sale are priced to sell, and can be had for pennies on the dollar. Check your local paper or Craigslist to find sales in your area. You never know what you might find at a private sale, so make sure to bring plenty of cash with you.

Redecorating on a budget can be a challenge, especially if you’re not particularly crafty or artistic. By searching in places you may not otherwise look, you can find tons of items at a fraction of their retail cost.


Can You Have A Safe Home Birth The Second Time Around?

Can You Have a Safe Home Birth the Second Time Around


Home births are growing in popularity today. In fact, studies have shown the number of women having home births increased by 29 percent from 2004 to 2009. Although there have been concerns raised about home birth, studies have shown that home births are safe for most low-risk pregnancies. Even if you have had complications in your pregnancy in the past, you may still be able to have a safe home birth.
Preparation is the key to having a healthy home birth. Below is a list of some of the things you will need to do to prepare for a home birth the second time around.

Choose a Healthcare Provider You Trust
It is important to select a doctor you are familiar with and who you trust. Most home births are attended by midwives, but there are some obstetricians who will attend a home birth if you are afraid of complications. You will also need to assess the healthcare provider’s qualifications. How many home births have they attended? How many years have they been practicing? Where did they complete training and education? Have they ever handled an emergency? Those are some of the things you should ask your provider.

Careful Pregnancy
One of the best things you can do to ensure you have a safe home birth is to take good care of yourself. Exercising is one way pregnant women can keep themselves healthy. Yoga, walking, and swimming are just some exercises great for pregnant women, not only to help you to stay healthy, but also to alleviate the aches and pains of pregnancy. Exercise can also help get your baby in the right position for labor.
Many women think they have to eat for two during this time as well. However, you only need to get about 300 extra calories. Taking in too many calories can cause you to gain too much weight, which puts you at risk for complications. Dr. Gilbert Webb says women who have complications should be referred to a maternal fetal specialist and should deliver at a hospital instead of delivering the baby at home.
You will need to pay close attention to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it. Contact your healthcare provider as soon as you can. Abnormal swelling and bleeding are examples of things that require urgent medical attention.

Take a Birthing Class
Many people planning on giving birth at home or for a second time may feel a class isn’t necessary, but the right midwife might have more information for your specific situation. A birthing class can teach you how to relax while you are in labor and help you know what to expect if you need to transfer to a hospital.
You may want to consider getting your partner to attend birthing classes with you. The birth will probably go a lot more smoothly if you have a bigger support team.

Prepare Your Home

A couple of weeks before you are due to give birth, you should start preparing your home. It is best to select the biggest room in your home for the birth. Put everything you will need in the room. Additionally, you should prepare a hospital bag just in case you have to transfer. Your midwife will probably have a lot of recommendations for how to prepare your room or bath for a natural birth.
It is also a good idea to cook some meals and then freeze them. You probably won’t have a lot of time to cook after the baby arrives.
The keys to having a safe home birth is to select the right healthcare provider and take care of yourself during pregnancy. You will also need to take a birthing class and prepare your home for the birth. If you have a schedule and plan in place a natural home birth can be possible for your first or second time. Just make sure you have everything in order and talk to all your healthcare specialists beforehand.


Home births are safe in most cases, but you should be aware that there are also risks for both mom and baby. Make sure discuss your birth plan with your doctor so that you understand the potential risks.

Five Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know

Five Self Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know


Most women think sexual attacks only happen to others. However, the statistics suggest otherwise.

In America, sexual assault occurs every two minutes. Most victims (80 percent) are under age 30, though sexual assault can happen to anyone, of any age or demographic.

As sobering as these numbers are, women should take heart. According to a Houston sex crimes lawyer, those who fight back may cut their sexual assault risk in half. Try these 5 self-defense moves if you feel threatened by an attacker.


Make Noise

No matter how frightened or intimidated a victim may feel, making noise can help. Don’t hold back—startle the attacker with a loud scream or continual shouting. Some women carry whistles on their key rings. If so, pipe out several sharp, piercing whistles. Overall, though, shouting and screaming is just as effective.

The more you can bring attention to an attacker, the more they’ll be deterred. Attackers often run away when shouts of “He’s attacking me!” or “He’s trying to rape me!” are heard by others. At minimum, shouting can distract an attacker enough to allow the victim extra time to get away or use other defensive moves to the attacker’s disadvantage.


Use Nearby Objects

Most women carry a handbag with them. If the handbag is heavy, it’s also an effective potential weapon. An attacker may not be prepared for a hit over the head. If it’s not that heavy, use more leverage to make the impact more powerful.

Keys can also harm an attacker, particularly if used to scrape the assailant’s skin, face, or eyes. Consider attaching a small canister of pepper spray to the same key ring. Pepper spray is legal everywhere in America, and one shot can immobilize an attacker even at 12 feet.


Kick and Stomp

If the assailant restricts arm movement, use your legs and feet instead. Lift up your dominant leg and bring the heel down on your attacker’s foot, intending to cause pain.

By hurting the attacker, even minimally, a prepared woman can throw off the attack altogether, or unbalance the attacker. When this happens, get away as soon as possible. If the attacker holds on anyway, employ another tactic (like below).


Pull Assailant’s Ear or Attack the Nose

If an attacker has a close hold on his victim, that victim may feel powerless. Counteract this mentality and try to get at least one hand free to grab the assailant’s ear. Pull—hard—and even cup fingers under the entire ear while pulling. This movement causes significant pain to any attacker, allowing the victim a way to escape.

Broadsiding the nose from below is also an effective strategy. Bring your dominant hand up, palm side up, and jam the assailant’s nose up and back. In many cases, this move breaks the attacker’s nose, but at minimum, can cause pain and/or bleeding.


Scratch, Gouge, or Use Other Disabling Tactics

Sometimes, a victim’s mind goes blank from shock and fear. If this happens, use your hands, body, and feet to hurt your attacker. Scratch arms, face, and any other body part. Gouge the assailant’s eyes with fingers or knuckles. Knee the attacker’s groin.


The point is, stay alive and do whatever you can to hurt your attacker so you can run away. Be prepared and know how you can use your body and environment to your advantage in any situation.