Healthy Diet Tips to Help With Your Weight Loss Plan

Healthy Diet Tips to Help with Your Weight Loss Plan



Getting into shape and staying healthy and fit is a worthy goal, one that more people than ever are making a top priority. There are many good reasons to change up your health plan, since maintaining a reasonable level of fitness has been repeatedly shown to help prevent, mitigate, and even reverse the course of many preventable diseases.
In order to meet this challenge, many of us turn to one weight loss plan or another, in hopes of changing your situation for the better, but unfortunately, not all weight loss and fitness plans are created equal. Some are so bad that many who try them actually end up worse off in the end than they were in the beginning!
Modern nutritional science has provides a wealth of information you can use to get the most out of your weight loss efforts. Use the tips below to make sure you stay healthy and safe during your weight loss plan.
Learn to Use Fat As Fuel

Fat has been given a bad rap in recent years, and many of us want less of it on our bodies. Luckily, it is easy to use as fuel, and utilizing it this way can help you shed pound even faster.

This method of converting fat to fuel makes use of a metabolic state known as Ketosis. In order to enter this fat burning state, all you need to do is drastically reduce your intake of carbohydrates, while at the same time upping the consumption of protein and unsaturated fats.

If properly done, the body will soon begin to burn excess fat for energy. So if you want to supercharge your efforts, start using fat as fuel!

Embrace The Power Of Complex Carbs

While it is great to be able to get rid of fat with diet, this alone will not be enough. To become truly fit, people need to give their body a reliable source of high octane energy, especially with an increase in exercise. Even though it is true that carbohydrate intake should be limited, some carbs are necessary in your diet.
Those who are serious about their weight loss and fitness efforts should be sure that when they do eat carbohydrates, they are only ingesting complex carbs. These include foods such as whole grains, oats, brown rice, muesli, and vegetables. The complex carbs found in these foods break down slowly after they have been eaten, and provide a steady source of healthy energy all day long.

These are by no means the only things serious dieters can do to supercharge their weight loss efforts, but they do provide a solid spring board to weight loss success. If you aren’t sure what methods would be best for your body, make use of nutrition counseling at a reputable place like Chicago Weight Loss Clinic. You can get personalized programs that are customized to your individual needs and give you the energy and strength you need to lose weight and get fit.


Aging with Grace: Tricks to Make Your Teeth Last You Longer

Aging with Grace Tricks to Make Your Teeth Last You Longer

There are several reasons to hold on to your natural teeth for as long as you can. When you lose your teeth, the body reclaims some of the precious minerals from the area, and you suffer some bone loss from your jaw. In addition, while dentures and tooth implants have come a long way, they are expensive and take some getting used to. Here are ways to prevent tooth loss and keep your natural teeth alive for longer.

Vitamins for Strong Teeth
Calcium and vitamin D keep bones and teeth stronger and healthier. Foods high in calcium include dark green vegetables and dairy products. To get more vitamin D in your diet, eat fatty fish such as salmon, eggs, and cheese. Most adults don’t get sufficient quantities of calcium or vitamin D from diet alone, and so you should consider including supplements.

Prevent Enamel Erosion
Acidic food eats away at tooth enamel. Over time this leads to exposure of the soft tooth surface, the dentin, underneath. As the dentin is exposed, you will experience increased sensitivity, which may cause pain during brushing, eating food, or drinking. Eventually you will experience tooth decay with this condition.
Avoid enamel erosion by practicing good oral hygiene, using fluoride rinses and toothpastes, and limiting direct contact of acidic foods, such as fruit juices and sodas, with your teeth. One way to do this is to use a straw. Regular trips to the dentist can also help. Your dentist can spot problem areas on teeth before they turn into cavities, and suggest special mouth rinses and treatments to restore worn enamel.

Keeping Gums Healthy
Gum disease causes pain, swelling, and can progress from mild diseases, called gingivitis, to the severe form, called periodontitis. This latter form can lead to tooth loss as the supportive gum tissue and bone that hold the teeth are gradually destroyed.
According to Dr. David K Skeels, good dental hygiene is an important step in keeping gums healthy. Your mouth is full of bacteria and when the bacteria is not brushed and flossed away, plaque forms on the gum line. The more this occurs, the more bacteria collect on gums, eventually causing infection. Keep your gums healthy by brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Your dentist might also recommend you use a medicated mouthwash if you are genetically prone to plaque buildup. In addition to daily oral care, visit your dentist for professional tooth cleaning at least twice a year.
Many medications affect oral health by reducing saliva, and some diseases, such as diabetes, increase the risk of gum disease. Make sure to tell your dentist about your general health and all prescription medicines you are taking. You may need more frequent dental visits or specific mouth rinses or gels to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.
Keeping your teeth in good health is a full time job, but luckily not a hard one. As long as you do regular maintenance and avoid harsh acids you should be able to live a full life with a full set of teeth.

Simple Tips for Applying Makeup on Sensitive Skin

Simple Tips for Applying Makeup on Sensitive Skin

Living with sensitive skin requires paying a little more attention to your beauty products and regimen than the average person might have to. People with sensitive skin tend to develop problems when scrubbing too hard, for instance, or applying a new skin product. Read on to learn how to treat your skin well, so it always looks its best.

Test Products Before Use
This is the number one rule for people with sensitive skin. Always apply a small sample of any new product to an inconspicuous spot on your body, like behind your ear. If your skin tends to be hypersensitive, try a thinner patch of skin like next to your eye. Then, wait 24 hours. If no redness, blotching, or swelling occurs, then you know you can safely use this product. And be careful with any products labeled hypoallergenic. Because the FDA does not regulate this label, any product can call itself hypoallergenic. Just always do the skin patch test before using it.

Always Moisturize
Sensitive skin is especially delicate and exposure to the elements can do a number on how dry it gets. Moisturizing your skin daily (at least twice) helps it become more resilient to damage from elements like sun, wind, and pollution. Moisturizing vigilantly also prevents water loss, which can lead to a series of problems like dryness, redness, itchiness, and flaking.

Wash Carefully
Early morning and night are the most crucial times for caring for sensitive skin. Start the day by washing with a gentle cleanser (but not so gentle you need to scrub your face to remove residual grime and oils) without any unnecessary additives like scrubbing beads, dyes, or fragrances. Then, moisturize with your favorite daily cream, ideally with sunscreen already mixed in. In the evening, always wash your face with the same gentle cleanser, and apply a gentle night cream to help your skin revitalize overnight. Talk to a dermatologist in Austin about what treatments might be a good choice for your routine.

Choose Cosmetics Wisely
There is a huge selection of beauty products and cosmetics out there, and it’s easy to become paralyzed by the overwhelming amount of choices, or just as easily make the wrong decision for sensitive skin. But just because your skin is delicate doesn’t mean you can’t wear makeup at all. Try to choose mineral-based cosmetics, which are most frequently free of additives like fragrances and dyes. Choose pencil eyeliners instead of liquid (which can contain latex – a known allergen to sensitive skin). Always toss your old cosmetics as they can go bad since over time they can start to harbor cultures of bacteria.

Living with sensitive skin just takes a little more attention to how you treat it. But in the end, this form of self-care probably means your skin will look better as you age. Learn to love your sensitive skin and treat it well, and it will do the same for you.

How You Can Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier Without A Fight

How You Can Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier Without A Fight




Children sometimes don’t like eating all of the healthy foods that you might enjoy. However, these foods are important as they have the vitamins and minerals that are needed for the growing body. There are a few ways that you can creatively get children to eat healthy foods without them even knowing that the foods are in the meal at times.



This is an easy idea to sneak in a few vegetables with the kids not even knowing they are present. A spaghetti casserole with pepperoni and cheese could include small pieces of tomatoes and diced onions. You can also include small slivers of carrots as they are about the same color of the spaghetti sauce. A chicken casserole can include items like peas and diced carrots if you make it in a similar fashion to a pot pie.


You’re Not A Waitress

When you plan a meal, stick with the plan. Tell children what will be served, and if they don’t want what is served, then they can eat a peanut butter sandwich or not get anything until in the morning, whatever rules work your home. Make sure you have servings from each food group in the meal so that it’s as healthy as possible. Sandwiches can be made with wheat bread instead of white so that children get grains in the meal. You can find quality wheat bread at Klosterman Baking Company. Since most children like bread, introducing different types or textures of bread is a good way to transition to healthier eating.



Some children enjoy dipping foods into sauces instead of eating them plain. Create different sauces so that children can experiment with them. Ranch is a good idea for vegetables, but you can add flavor to the ranch with small pieces of bacon or shredded cheese. Honey mustard or salsa are good options as well. Foods that are easy to dip include carrot and celery sticks, broccoli and chips that are made from vegetables.


Kids Can Help

When kids help make the meal, they are often more inclined to eat what is prepared. They will know what is included in the meal whether it’s proteins, fruits or vegetables. Let them come up with ideas of how to use vegetables in the meal. This can lead to healthy ways of cooking for children when they are adults and have families of their own.


Getting children to eat healthy can sometimes be a chore. They might think that some foods don’t look pleasant or that they taste funny. Get creative when letting children try new foods, such as disguising them in other dishes or using dipping sauces with sticks of food.



Five of the Greatest Strides Being Made for Women in Science Today

Five of the Greatest Strides Being Made for Women in Science Today

Research shows that eight of the ten most lucrative careers all require a solid education. Many of these are engineering degrees, such as petroleum, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering. However, pharmacy science and computer science also rank high. Industries need more students with a strong STEM background. Luckily, this problem is being solved with the great strides being made for females entering more science disciplines.

Successful STEM Fields
According to PBS, certain STEM degree fields have equal numbers of both male and female graduates. For example, the fields of math, biosciences, and social sciences now have no gender graduate rate differences. It shows more female college students aren’t afraid of getting a bachelor’s degree in biology or related field where there might have been a stigma before.

However, the number of engineering and computer science degrees are disproportionality awarded to males. For example, males earn approximately 70 percent of computer science degrees, and 80 percent of engineering related degrees.

Productive Programs
Since 2001, the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) ADVANCE program has received over $130 million in project funding support that has been distributed to over one hundred higher education organizations. The goal of the ADVANCE program is to increase the number of women in STEM fields through making positive changes to academic subcultures and institutional structures.

Inspirational Programs
Non-profit programs are making a difference with encouraging females to enter STEM fields. For example, Techbridge was created in 2000 through a grant from the National Science Foundation. They offer after-school and summer programs for girls that aim to provide training and raise awareness. They also collaborate with community partners to provide outreach programs and volunteer training.

Fab Labs
Fab Labs were originally created through MIT to serve as a local fabrication facility for molecular assemblers. However, Fab Labs have spread across the world and provide digital access to impoverished and disadvantaged students. Fab Lab is noted as providing exclusive access to females in remote areas. These female students can participate in peer-to-peer online projects and receive training.

Political Support
The White House proudly supports the development of better educational opportunities to female STEM students. Both the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the White House Council on Women and Girls collaborate to provide political advocacy and support to women.

In the end, there are great strides being made with providing better opportunities for females to study STEM related degrees. There are private, non-profit, and government organizations helping women enter STEM fields today and making a real difference in today’s workforce.


Classic or Cliché? How to Balance a Simple Decor Look

Classic or Cliche How to Balance a Simple Decor Look 3

There are a lot of good reasons to incorporate a minimalist or traditional look into your home decor. First, simplicity is timeless. If you invest in a few basic pieces, you won’t feel you have to redo your room in a few years because it has become dated. Second, basic furniture can be mixed in with just about anything which means if you get a new roommate, get married, or inherit some furniture pieces from a relative, your newClassic or Cliche How to Balance a Simple Decor Look 2 pieces can be easily merged with your existing sets. Finally, a simple decor can be much easier to clean (fewer knick-knacks to collect dust). That said, many worry that a basic or traditional look will leave their home lacking personality. Here are a few ideas to embrace the simple life without becoming boring, or feeling like you live in the showroom of a furniture store.

Incorporate Rich Colors
While you might want your main furniture pieces to be in neutral colors (beige, brown, gray, etc.), try to incorporate some color into your palette. This can be done through upholstery, such as a chair in a deep red, but there are also options that require less of a monetary commitment. Consider a small throw in a rich plum, for example. Even if the rest of your living room is white and gray, a jewel tone can really add some pop. Invest in a unique piece by scouring affordable furniture stores like The Dump where you can find a good deal on an individualized chair or cabinet.

Add Photography
Nothing adds a personal touch more than family photos. If you have a classic or old-school sense of style, consider some vintage family photos (think your grandparents’ wedding portrait). If your taste is more modern, hang some black and white photographs of places you have visited – or would like to. Choose a simple white matte and black frame to keep the look simple and streamlined, while still adding your own personality into the frame.

Give Life
What can liven up a room more than a living thing? Adding a plant not only helps purify the air in your space, it can also add some personality while still keeping the area tasteful. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always pick up some fresh cut flowers from the flower beds outside and put them in vases. It will be an inexpensive way to add detail to your home with minimal commitment.

By adding a few well-chosen colors, photos, and plants, you can still keep your furniture traditional and your overall look chic. Your space will look polished, yet streamlined, and still reflect your personality. It’s the perfect way to keep a classic look that won’t be outdated in a few years time.


Five Tips To Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking The Bank


5 Tips To Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Breaking The BankEveryone wants to have the wedding of their dreams, but a storybook union can cost tens of thousands of dollars with the price of decorations, wedding attire, and a professional photographer included. There are some key things that any couple can do to minimize the cost of the wedding without sacrificing the experience. A little creative vision and hard work are all it takes.

Planning the venue

The first thing to do when planning an inexpensive wedding is to find a location that has as many services and perks included in the price. Places like Noah’s Event Venues provide a space with decorations, tables, lighting, food preparation area, a stage, and set up and take down service at no additional charge. These types of event destinations usually have beautiful views too.

Plan your own wedding

While a wedding planner may help get things moving along more smoothly, it is not always necessary. Many venues provide the extras you need, like mentioned above, which is what a wedding planning would do. Working with the professionals you already have, like photographer, venue professionals and more, you can put together a lovely wedding and schedule without the need for a wedding planner.

Make your own centerpieces

While you have to be careful with DIY projects for wedding, DIY centerpieces are actually quite simple and can look great at any wedding. First, choose a couple base neutral colors, and incorporate a few other colors in the same color palette. Choosing a flower arrangement can look great and be the attention, while other smaller pieces can bring it all together. Things like lanterns, burlap table runners and more are popular options.

Purchase used clothing or rent a gown

There is never a need to buy a new dress if you don’t have the budget for it. In fact, many brides end up selling their dresses since they have no need for them and it takes up space. A used dress can be tailored to fit any bride by adding fabric or taking in the seams. Shopping online is one way to find a good deal. Often, people can find a recently married couple who is selling their wedding clothes.

Have family or a friend make the cake

Anyone who knows how to make a cake and decorate it is a candidate for making a wedding cake. The price for the tiers and the larger cake pans is cheap compared to the cost of buying a professionally decorated cake. It is easier to customize a cake made by a friend too.


Creating an inexpensive wedding does not mean the day is not memorable. Couples can save thousands of dollars by getting friends and family to help in areas where they have experience. The savings can be used for a special honeymoon destination or to put a down payment on a house.