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Outside Family Events Can Work



When it’s time to entertain and you want to do it big time, there are so many options available.  Summertime makes it easier because you are not limited to an indoor venue.  There are many parks, playgrounds and merry-go-rounds even that can host your event.  Restaurants with large outdoor patios and plazas are stellar because you get the catering in addition to the location.

If you need to feed people and are on a budget – that’s what families are for!  Everyone brings a dish and enough to feed a good number of people.  A lot of park areas have grills that you can use and all you have to do is supply your own charcoal.

Music?  Boom boxes, the stereo from someone’s car (why not?) and even an iphone connected to an external speaker can provide entertainment.  If your budget allows, bands are the best!  Live music, entertainment, not to mention the availability of a microphone (for those long-winded family members!) make your even fun.  What about a dj? They’re awesome too and can cater the entertainment according to what you need.

Decoration ideas are unlimited.  Everyone has a person with that certain decorative flair.  Put them to work!